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hoodie that says hoodie funny t-shirts and zombies -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-06
So imagine, struggling to survive every day, wondering if zombies will ambush you in the next corner and only see one for you wearing t-"Kiss Me" is written on the shirt ".Even in this case, I'm pretty sure that even the strongest people can't control themselves to smile.It shows that, in any case, you find life at that moment and just see something completely out of this situation that can make you smile and lift your emotions.If this happens, it would be unwise to actually approach the zombie and kiss him, as it is likely to cause you to eat at least one limb.Smiling and running away is a safer option.Failing is that you can always get around them because most zombies are known for muscle degradation, or as a last resort, shoot their heads with precise guns, or disabling the brain with some form of blunt weapon is also acceptable.Because their t-The shirt makes you laugh, but that doesn't mean they won't eat you in an instant.In order to avoid potential problems, such as being shot in case of identity error, make sure your t-Shirts are as stain free as possible etc.Most people will only look at the state of a person to see if they are zombies and if your face is invisible then you will most likely receive a bullet.Another important factor is that if you get hurt, you can't walk like the undead, dragging your feet and moaning.This will prompt others not to think twice, even if they have a humorous t-Before they shoot you.Therefore, the rules for survival in the zombie apocalypse become obvious.Make sure you have a safe place to wait until the worst infection disappears, zombie threats are either taken care of by the military or start dying due to lack of victims.Make sure you're a humorous t-In this way, people may hesitate to read the logo before shooting and realize that you are not one of the living dead.Stay safe and stay away from places where the dead may gather, such as shopping malls.The best place to hide is a loft with a retractable ladder inside so UNI can't contact you when I die.Probably the most important factor, although it can save a lot of food, leaving your safe haven may mean that you will eventually become food.Good luck if zombies show up.
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