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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Publish this book and you may win a free trip to Iraq.It happened to me.(Not that I accepted the trip and I will explain it later.) The purpose of this article is to help you decide whether to follow your dream of publishing a book.This is a big dream and a very popular dream.-It is estimated that 500,000 titles were published last year alone, most of them sincepublished.In addition, we live in a culture that says, "Follow your dreams at whatever cost."Well, I don't agree.Take the dream of publishing a book as an example.This article may convince you to pursue your dreams, or it may help you to turn your dreams into something that is easier to achieve.At the very least, I can bring you a professional writer's opinion on what is really involved in creating a book.My background includes books published by large, medium, and small publishers, as well as a large number of self-publishing.Currently I have more than 200,000 copies of my books in print.This experience allows me to be honest in a way that you don't get from book business professionals often.With all due respect, book coach, etc.Not necessarily motivated by honesty.They earn money by saying, "follow your dreams," "not" morality, which forces me to ask you some tricky questions before starting your project.(Note: My friend Miller I Miller is an exception.) How did Romantic writer Fern rice, for example, publish an articleBook "publishing games: best sellers in 30 days" for writers.\ "She sent me the first copy for review, which is an honor I have refused.She has an outstanding career as a best-selling author, but here I don't like her work very much.Keep in mind that Fern's book does become an option for the writer's famous book club, so she has always been super-I don't need help to succeed..Note: Obviously, this is not a book club for writers, not a book club for math majors.Even a third-year student may ask, is Fern only going to sell 20 books a month?If her approach really produces instant bestsellers, is it ethical for her to sell more copies?Even forgetting John Grisham and Sue Grafton in the field of literature, it is easy for Rice's readers to fill up all the novels and non-novelsThe novel points on the best-selling list, right.When you sell services to people who want to be writers, empty promises are easy to achieve.Especially those of us who feel particularly powerful in writing a book.Occasionally, I will also provide counseling for aspiring individuals.publishers.For this I charge the same fee as my emotional and psychiatric treatment, $125 for 55 minutes.Most of the clients chose to heal and I was happy with that as I did not accept a free trip to Iraq (mentioned earlier but not explained yet ).But we will discuss it later.out flings.Instead, let's get a little closer to home.Specifically, I thought of the first woman to stop in front of my booth at the recent path natural life Expo.Jane saw all the shiny books on my desk, with a total of six different paperbacks.Jane then noticed that the author's name was the same on each cover: Rose Tree.Jane's eyes lit up."Who published all of your books?I said, \"Me."Good," she said, without missing a beat.Will you publish mine?The explanation is that I only publish my own books.When Jane started bombing me with a followerIn relation to the question, I explained that I charged for providing the writer with a consulting service.I have to.Published writer wannabes called me day and night and insisted that I publish their books or spend hours coaching them for free just because they are good people and have good dreams, etPeople don't necessarily expect the moon in a more normal life.But let's face it.Writing is a field of dreams for many people.It's shocking that Kylie Bradshaw and I don't have much in common.Yes, I like the show very much, so I watched at least one episode.If you are also a fan of Sex and the city, have you noticed all the fantasy elements of Carrie's writing career?If the costumes and shoes of that show are as popular as the writer's fantasy, guess what?Beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Catrell and Cynthia Nixon will all wear a second dressHandmade clothes 1930.Try this quiz on what it means to be a very successful writer-Anyway, according to that TV show.TRUE or FALSE.As a professional writer, you will: * do a lot of writing in bed.
* Start each article with a lovely question.
* Have your sexy photos on the bus ad because every newspaper columnist is very famous.
* As a writer, you don't write most of the time.Instead, you will be busy getting valuable life experiences such as buying shoes and buying men.
* Making so much money, you bought Manolo Blahniks with a carefree attitude, which is a reserve for most of us to buy coffee at Starbucks.
* In Manhattan's apartment, support yourself with the huge benefits of writing a weekly column.
* Because you are very successful in the newspaper column, you can also publish books.
* You become a best-selling writer and your first book will be published in France.
* Yes, your book will become so popular that there will be a display in the window of the entire bookstore.REAL-These false but fascinating ideas will certainly not conflict with the reality of my life as a writer.This is the rose tree version of all these fantasy elements: I spend almost as much time on my computer as I do on my bed.This includes writing books and articles, typesetting for publishing, PR to support book sales ...... And conference call with customers.(Actually, the treatment courses related to my book account for a much larger share of my annual income than writing, and I did it from my desk as well.Do I have a lovely question at the beginning of each article?Do I dare?Do I say that or do I write that?Can I add other punctuation marks to my idea?Do I really have an idea?Are these deep problems or what?The day when my photo was selected to decorate a bus, I would know that I really arrived ......As a writer, I spend most of my time writing.Ask my friends and family.They will tell you that I will not answer the phone until I finish my first job that morningdraft writing.Finish editing and secondary writing later in the day.But don't cry for me and spend all your time on the keyboard.Writing is my favorite thing to do in the world, starting when I was nine.About buying those Manolos, maybe I can choose to buy a pair every ten years.Hey, maybe I can buy one of these shoes every five years.But I'm more interested...Support my family of threeYes, I'm a real breadwinner.Type Writer/teacher.Now.But keep in mind that my husband is trying to schedule my meeting appointment and act as a webmaster.In addition, my business has been established in the past 38 years.In those years, I will make more money by working at Burger King.For me, the revenue from writing is almost as big as all of my annual book sales.Nevertheless, given what I have experienced so far in signing these 26 foreign contracts: having to hire and dismiss 32 different agents;At the end of the day, I have a very nice Deanna Leah for HGB;Traveling to Frankfurt, he embezzled over $30,000 before I found out about his scam.Alas, there are a lot of ethical issues in the book publishing industry because my book is very successful...I want to thank God every day for the good luck.Then I keep working hard-working at least 60 hours a week.In Iraq, I sold out foreign rights.But in France, I still don't get a contract for any book (a notoriously difficult market for American writers ).Yes, it's a victory to have an Iraqi publisher buying power to show the power of facial reading.Initially, he intended to publish the book without the need for a contract.I got to know this because the translation was honest and contacted me.The publisher had a lot of negotiations with my literary agent on the 33 th and finally signed the contract.Maybe because he felt bad when he was caught.Liar, this publisher did invite me and my agent to live with him in Iraq.However, I refused.In fact, I have heard of a foreign country called Iraq before."It doesn't rank high on my theater list just for fun.Still, talk about the thrill of seeing your book in the bookstore window!On a trip to Seattle, I did see a copy of my book in the window of the bookstore.Wow!Even better, in Frankfurt, Germany, I once saw three copies of my reiki reading in a bookstore, in this very large bookstore, except for all the other 10,000 books.Still, see my book for sale in realityLife Bookstore (even if I don't have enough language skills to read it because the title is "death aura erkenneth-It makes me feel more excited than Carrie Bradshaw seems.In a completely non-Adults (and terrible nonThe way Germanic man), I jumped up and down and screamed "this is my book!Oh, Where's my camera?I'm so excited!"So, yes, I know the joy and sadness of publishing.I'm thrilled if writing and publishing are also for you.A feeling, of course, that everyone is qualified to write a book.If this is your dream, you can do it for your own benefit like the Victorian ladies used to write diaries.No one on earth can stop you.Self-It's easy to publish today, especially through the Internet.Books and print on demand.If holding your own book in your own hands is your biggest dream, don't let me stop you with my own article.Google online, you can find out how to make a POD book for only $500.Many of you are familiar with this secret and law of attraction.Neither of these is enough for a writer to succeed, in my opinion.In order to be successful, you also need to have the basic skills, not only as a writer, but also as a member of the publishing industry.Personally, I have not met too many people who are satisfied with their adventurous results in writing and selfpublishing.But I met a lot of people who spent a lot of money and nothing to show unless you count a dead dream and a lot of paperback books parked in the garage.Not you?Of course I don't want it!Let's do a realistic check.Based on what you know now, let's assess how well prepared you are to write and publish a book.Is the answer true or false?(In order to avoid putting you in suspense, there will be answers to each question: 1.I read books.
TRUE.Of course, a professional writer will do this in an amazing amount.The author does not do so.No matter how experienced you are as a writer, reading books from other writers will teach you a lot.So develop reading habits if you really want to publish a book.Read a book every day of your life.I buy books.

Remember the aspiring writer Jane at the beginning of this article?There she is, a mindbody-The spirit character at the Expo saw all my books in front of her nose.She never thought about buying--Or browse--Even pick up a copy to see.Why?She is probably not a reader.Many of the "follow my dream" authors I met seldom read.They never spend a lot of money on books.Well, if you don't buy someone else's book, new, full price, why assume someone else will buy you?Call it karma or simple logic.Be bold!If you're serious about publishingBuy at least 10 books a year.Check a bunch of books from your library.Do you need to bring yourself a gift?For others?Oh try booksSo when someone else asks "what do you want for your birthday ?" What will you say?Please, I want a shiny, new book.Today's books are just the necessary business cards to show that your business is influential.
FALSE.This is the case with a phone card or business card.(Can I recommend VistaPrint?They did an excellent job at a reasonable price.Where did this popular, strange, false idea come from?How easy is it to confuse thin business cards with thick books that should contain many words?It's like the Advertiser told me, "Cosmetic surgery is new makeup.Ironically, a self.Books published are usually the worst phone cards.How do I know?I have been a small news book critic for the path magazine for several years.Both then and later, I have read a lot of books that are obviously published as phone cards.This is not understood by people.Today's book consumers are quite mature.We are used to the high standards of production, including the writing itself.Unless you're a professional.High quality work, you will get a fourthrate book.It's like you hired the Kennedy Center for a violin concert, but barely practiced scale.A fourth-As a toll book for phone cards?Talk about falling flat 4.
TRUE.Now, this is a valid reason to write a book, and it is worth saying.However, you will be surprised how many people pursue the dream of publishing a book without considering this basic requirement."Fran" took six months to tell her friend (like me) the book she was going to write.She hired a book coach.Oh, she's so excited.Six months anyway.Then Fran confesses that all the premises of her book have been written in the form of a book.Yes, Fran finally read some books in her field.At the very least, it took her only six months to dream, write and pay for the services of the book coach.Many people who want to be writers go all the way, "stick to the end."There is something original to say that is not necessarily coming soon.Not in that book.length format.5.Write what you like.Readers will pay attention.
FALSE.SORRYJust last night, I spoke to a client "June" and his dream was to write a book for the teacher about how they should use astrology.Now I adore astrology and I absolutely respect the wisdom of the teacher.But unless signs of rising in June show up in the $ house, she may reconsider the project.As a reviewer, I remember receiving a book.The title is about "sexy mom: Why do men pursue single mothers who strive to raise their children.On the cover is a picture of sadness and exhaustionI think it's the woman who looks beautiful.Moral: the strong demand of the author does not necessarily translate into the interest of the reader.Yes, I know about the long tail.Still, I would suggest testing your topic.Find out if this is a topic with any tail.Is it possible to buy the living, breathing person of your book?Once you 've found a marketable topic, add your own original spark and tested ideas, and you'll probably gain something.Does this mean a good developmentIt's easy to research the book concept, or will you write some original, compelling and guaranteed best-selling books in a few weeks (with the exception of Fern Rice's readers )?How about her other one?To is called "publishing games: publishing a book within 30 days.\ ") Personally, it took me 9 years to write a book: wrinkles are the makeup of God, an advanced book for facial readers."Reading aura through all your senses" is faster.I only used three full rewrites, which I was in a superfast 6 ½ years.In addition to publishing books like this, I have taught seminars, done personal meetings, and registered trademarks on the relevant systems.

* Empath authorization (TM) of course, every methodTo book, it is not necessary to develop an innovative system worthy of trademark.Even with a little progress in existing knowledge, it can make a book valuable.But be sure to take the time to study other books in your field;Make sure you know what you are and you will develop skills as a writer as well.6.What's the big deal with developing skills?If you're going to learn how to write, learn it!Write a complete one firstlength book.
A dummy who doesn't know much about professional writing may not be aware of this, but the book-Length writing is not the ideal way to start.Suppose you are interested in developing woodworking skills.Is it smarter to start with a chair or try to build the chapel.Blogging as a writer can help you develop your skills.Alas, texting is not possible.At the very least, when you're not busy writing with your fingers, texting can do something for your fingers.Otherwise, there are many other ways to develop skills before solving a comprehensive problemlength book.My background may be typical for a professional writer.When I was a teenager, I wrote articles for high school literature magazines and contributed to them.Then I majored in literature in college.Like many other writers who are not household names, I do have (literature-ally?) It took me a few years to writeNovel articles, stories, pitches, outlines and book suggestions for editors and agents.Before publishing my first book, I have spent many years writing the completeExercise Book: Three adults and three children.Let's not ignore my adventures in this.Literary form of demand, a 30-Page epic in blank poems;It mimicked the works of the famous poet, Watson.Free-The feature story that Lancing wrote for the newspaper helped me grow technically, just like working in the book department of Rodale Press (publisher of preventive magazines.I have written two regular columns for a long time, and I have also written many magazine cover stories.While I still need to learn a lot about writing, I do know a lot when a complete newbie tells me that "writing a book can't be difficult.I don't want to read too often, but I know I have the trick.This reminds me of when I was studying biological science in college.I did not study.Why?The other children said, "This class is too easy.All you need is what you learn in high school biology.Oops, I forgot that I passed high school without taking a biology course.So of course I failed.7.You don't need to know too much about homework, as long as you have a dream.
Lies are like saying that you don't need to know too much about treatment, as long as you have talent.I remember listening vividly to the communication between "Dan" and "will -"Little therapist and Machaelle.Wright is the founder of perladra and the author of some books that have won the world --wide following.Here is my memory of the conversation: "helping others has inspired me a lot.I'm a natural therapist.\" said Dan."Great," said Machaelle."Have you really studied healing with anyone?"No, I'm so encouraged that I don't need to do that."Dan, when you work with a real person and that person is in pain, you 'd better have technical skills to rely on.Do not dare to practice the identity of the therapist until you are qualified.Inspiration is good, but pure inspiration is not enough.If you have any knowledge of publishing work in the United States today-outside of the fictional world of Carly Bradshaw-you will never approach a stranger at the Expo and have her publish your bookInstead, you have to understand the writing business, how to study whether a publisher is right for you, and how to connect with a publisher as a professional.There is a lot to do in the writing industry.Therefore, educate yourself on inquiries, suggestions, agents and advantages of different publishing sites.Know the truth--Your chances of selling successful books through mainstream publishers are smaller than those of winning the lottery.Write your book after you have learned these basics.Inspiration is the most important thing in my experience.It made me go through the good and the bad.The bottom line for this writer is happiness, not money.It would be great if you had inspiration too.Keep the lights on.
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