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hoodie My Hoodie of Humility

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
There is spring in the air, and a new day is coming.It was a good day to put on my hoodie, which I wore all year long.This is my mental hoodie for compassion, kindness, patience, etc.This is my humble hoodie.Put it on and I became it.Looks and feels good.It is good.It makes me feel comfortable and authorized.This is a beautiful thing.
"Dress yourself up with compassion, kindness, humility, tenderness and patience.

I have a jersey.It has a hood.Crafted with sympathetic comfort, it feels really good.I feel sympathy from above and sympathy from.When I put it on, I felt the compassion around me and I saw it in action.I have seen many opportunities to express sympathy and comfort, but I have also seen many opportunities that I have missed or ignored.
The feeling of compassion is often born naturally in response to the hardships and difficulties of others, but I sometimes mistakenly believe that some people do not need my sympathy, because I think their status is higher, their self is important, and other people who are not worthy of my sympathy, because their laziness and unwillingness to help themselves in my opinion.Caring about my own troubles, I sometimes feel that the troubles of others are insignificant and insignificant.But I know that compassion is a feeling, and when I don't feel anything about others, it's hard to have compassion for myself.I can also hold back sympathy and think that my concerns are more important than those of others.But I remind myself that compassion is also a gift, a gift from a loving God.I still remember that compassion includes action, and when I act in a compassionate way, my inner compassion becomes stronger.
So I put on the hoodie and even if it's not natural I show sympathy.It is Purposeful Compassion, and it does not take a long time before it becomes a strong natural feeling again.I strongly hope to help others in some way and do what I can.It starts with kindness and starts from there.I'm talking about comfort.I let go of harsh attitudes and anger, and when one thing leads to another, doing these things, I find myself more patient and gentle.There is no need to stop compassion because I know it will continue to come and help me see, open my eyes and see many opportunities and many ways to express compassion and kindness.
With a pleasant expression and kind words and even a bad joke or two, I shared my feelings.I return kindness with kindness and misfortune with kindness.I show kindness to those who are easily angry because of some differences, do not like the way they do things, do not share their views.But I remember wearing my kind and compassionate humble hoodie, and I saw that the person standing in front of me, or anyone else, was more important than any attitude or opinion.
Kindness sometimes takes a little patience, but putting on a hoodie, I also become patient and gentle and I will feel these things and bring them to life.I brought them.I am very patient with others, and I am very patient with myself.I am patient with situations and tasks.I remind myself that the person closest to me may be the one who needs my patience the most, but I also have to see when I become someone who needs someone else's patience.Patience sometimes means slowing down.Taking the time to express some kindness and compassion can be refreshing, calming down, and at this time, when someone tries to be kind and patient with me, I am more likely to realize, otherwise I may miss the time.I slow down, listen to what others are saying, and find more reasons to feel compassion from their words.I look slowly.I will listen slowly.As I slow down, I notice things like the massive amount of compassion and kindness that already exists in this wonderful world.I am deeply humbled by this.

I become kind and caring when I practice kindness and compassion.This is true for all of us.When we wear it, we become it.We treat people or situations with more patience and become more tolerant.These are noble virtues, and like my hoodie, there is a common thread, that is humility.
Humility is a feeling, a deep and true reverence for the higher forces that these things produce.We respect these forces, respect their wisdom and guidance, and also see and feel them in ourselves.The more power we feel, the more humble we feel, because true humility comes with no arrogance or pride.Humility is often described as humility, but it is more of a rise, beyond the need for us to find the wrong in others, beyond our own weaknesses, like believing that we are better or higher than others
Humility is not humility;it is holiness.But it is not a breed of "more divine than you" because it also sees these higher powers in everyone.Humility has holiness of the type of giving, even if the only thing we need to give is our compassion, kindness and patience.Put on our gentle hoodie, coat or jacket and we are easy for ourselves and others.The more power we feel, the more patient and gentle we are.We look forward to those higher powers;we look to God;We look up to Christ and we see love.
\ "Put on love in all these virtues and combine them perfectly.

We all know that Love is patient, love is kind.We cannot be angry or jealous when we are in a state of love.We are tolerant and grateful.We are grateful for all the kindness and compassion we have received, for the strength that has enabled us to keep it all and to give it all away.Love is the line that makes our hoodie last;Like humility, it has no arrogance or pride.It is the clue of unlimited supply.The line makes our hoodie shine.
Love also has the power to make us shine as well, shining from under our hoodie and from under our hood.We put on the hat of love, put down our hat, and let this powerful light enter the world.We let our light shineLet them shine and let them shine because we don't want to hide the lights in bushels, blankets, beds or baskets and we don't want to hide them under our hood either.We uncover our lights, release the power and light, and release the Power and Light of kindness and love.
We shine, we smile.This is a beautiful thing.
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