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hooded sweatshirt jacket how to make a star wars ewok costume for kids | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
Darth Vida has spiritual control, Luke has the force, and the ewalker has ...... The biggest cute.But if you don't think these furry little animals will be any more cute on the big screen than they are, think about it.Decorate your own little guy with Endor garb, waiting for the return of the Jedi to bring smiles, laughter and lots of candy to all!Just under the underwear line of casual pants, measure and cut a dark brown faux fur rectangle large enough to completely wrap a leg.
Repeat the other leg.
At the top of each rectangle, sew the fur on the pants with a whip needle, leaving an open seam along the two inner legs.Sew the inner side of the fur leg with whippitch.Repeat on the other leg.Wrap the dark brown faux fur rectangle around the long rectanglesleeved T-Shirt, located directly under the underarm, with open seams on the side.
Sew the top and sides of the fur rectangle in the same way as the pants, sew the top to the shirt, and then side to yourself.Allows for easier access to the shirt.Wrap a dark brown faux fur rectangle around each arm, sew it on the diameter of the sleeve first, and then whip --Stitch yourself from underarm to wrist., Leaving about 1 inch extra space around the outline.
Cut two felt pieces along the outline of the hood.Cut the bottom of the two felt so they dip down the back.As shown in the figure, cut another piece of brown felt on the wavy continentLike some shape, 17 inch wide and 10 inch long.
Sew the two side blocks of the hood together, then sew one end of the overalls to the side of the hood in front.Sew a buckle or hook-and-Sew the ring fastener on the other side of the hood and sew its adjacent parts on the loose end of the overalls.Cut two 3-inch-by-3-From the beige faux fur to the inch square on the inside of the Ewok ear, then around the first two corners.
Cut 10-inch-by-5-Dark brown fur inches.
Sew or glue one of the round, light brown fur shapes to one end of the dark fur strip and center it.Repeat on other fur strips.Fold the strap insideout.Sew a circle around the circular part of the ear, one inch outside the inner ear, and cut off the excess part..Place the opening of the two ears on the antenna and sew them manually with a whipstitch.
Cut out enough gaps at the top of the Hood to allow the ears to pass through.Wear Fur to assemble the garmentPants and shirts, headband, then hood.Buckle the hood and work clothes together and put the ears together so they can go through the gaps on the hood.
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