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hooded how (with pictures) |

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-16
A hat cloak is essential for Little Red Riding Hood clothing and certain Gothic and period suits.Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the right hat cloak in clothing and clothing stores.By using a little bit of wool or other warm wear-Proof of the fabric, you can make a hat cloak in less than an hour, almost without sewing.
Measure 2 inch from your shoulder to the ground.Using sharp scissors or rotating pads and cutters, cut a piece of wool, twice the length of this measurement and twice the width of this measurement.Fold the square into four equal parts.Mark the corner in the center of the original big square with chalk.
Draw a curved chalk line that connects the two corners next to the center corner, bypassing the corner opposite the center corner.Cut off the material along this chalk mark.You should now have a rounded edge and two straight edges that converge in the center corner.
Cross a straight folded edge until the center corner.Only one of the folds is cut, and two folds are not cut at the same time.Cut a small circle in the center corner.Open the wool.You should have a large circle with a smaller hole in the center of the neck and a line extending from the neck hole to the outside of the large circle.
Put the cloak over the shoulder to check for fit.If necessary, use scissors to remove extra fabric from the bottom of the cloak or from the neck hole.Use hot glue or sew ribbons on each side of the opening next to the neck to tie the cloak.
Cut the second piece of wool, measure 10 by 28 inch for children, and 15 by 42 inch for adults.Fold the fabric extensively to make it 10 by 14 inch (15 by 21 inch for adults ).Sew one of the long edges or glue the edges together to form the seam.
Place the hood on your head with a folded part on the top and seams on the back.Cut off any excess fabric if necessary.Connect the back end of the Hood to the top edge of the Cape with fabric glue, or sew it in place with a needle and thread
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