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hooded a hood (with pictures) |

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-16
A hat cloak is a smart coat that is easier to make than an equally warm sweater, jacket or coat.You don't need a pattern to make your cap poncho-By using fleece, you just need to sew two seams to bring your project together.Fold your 45-A half-inch square fleece in order to form a large triangle.
By doing so, you can set the angle of the poncho so that your hands are free to touch the items in front of you.Cut a half-Round the middle of the fabric folding edge.This is the hole in your neck.Technically you can stop here and have a full poncho.
Fold the 12-inch by 24-Half an inch of fleece.Stitch together an open edge perpendicular to the folded edge.The folded edge is now the top of your hood and the stitched edge is now the back.
Turn the hood right.
Sew the bottom edge of the hood on the side of the neck hole and the poncho on the back.Make four-Inch cut vertically on the edge of the fabric about one and a halfTo create a stripe, inches apart, if you want
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