high waisted running leggings Chanel boutique gets a lift

by: INGOR     2019-08-24
high waisted running leggings Chanel boutique gets a lift
After a year of construction, the Maiden boutique reopened last week, adding an entrance to the 156 Geary St.There are 2,885 square feet of space.There are 15-in the foyer on the side of Geary Street-Foot ceiling, probably the best lighting device in any retail store in San Francisco, is also the usual style of Chanel --Coco signature gold beige carpet, black framed glass shelf, beige-Paint walls and natural light wood.To celebrate, Chanel brought Karl Lagerfeld's autumn and winter, 99.to-The costume series exhibited in Paris in last March has never been seen in the United States.In a word, it is young.It's beautiful and-zut alors!-More affordable.A boiled wool jacket in colors such as Royal and sang mulberry, non-lined, side-mounted seams, for $1750.Yes, it's a lot green, but the franc has been very friendly to the US recently to the dollar exchange, and Lagerfield is not a fool either.He wants to attract young hippie customers who may buy an Escada jacket for $2,000, but will think Chanel is out of reach.According to Michael Moser, the boutique director, Lagerfeld recently hiredThe new design team was presented.His longtime assistant, Jill Dufour, lost to Balman.Cocoa can't recognize this line.Not a pair-The C button is in front of the eye, and the iconic twin suit is colorful and not a sweater at all.For example, a collar-less shell with a short and sturdy jacket with colorful raspberries, red and camel tweed, lined with paper scraps and snow spinning shirts, paired with a camel leather skirtLeather stands out in this collection, especially in silver (honoring the millennium) with a soft silver gray tweed with purple Ma Mao stripes.The length of the dress flirts with the knees and calves, despite some long hems, the most spectacular of which is creamy --Boiled white floor dusterWool coat, decorated with teensy-shaped bead strap, worn on the boiled wool sheath of the building structure, and with a side seam.Spectacular.Lagerfeld's taste of silver is reproduced in the rainbow-colored mocha suedes, looking and moving like panne velvet, woven into off-White mohair belt coat and jacket (gorgeous fabric, it's just dancing );In this year's change in the cocoa chain belt --Flat rectangular link decorated with stone, worn on hip bone.Many European and American designers have recently mixed day and night outfits: sparkling fabrics and a sophisticated touch, plus the practicality and butter of leather and men's tailoring.Lagerfeld is no different, no back, bellybutton-Read loose woven metal pants with a boiled wool jacket and leather skirt and trousers.This year's small black dress has simple lines, Unecked or V-Long neck made of a pure black chiffon but softened, often dragged down from behind like a widow's weed.Two of the most fashionable skirtsRainbow quilting Tower-With Murray wool, Sabrina-necked, long-Long-sleeved sweater in the colors of steel blue or bark, hidden inside.Meanwhile, Chanel's national makeup artist, Guy Lento, works in the dressing room to translate the "look" of Chanel's autumn-winter 99 Paris show into the faces of 23 models."It's all eyes," he said, showing Chanel's product this year, a fourA wet or dry plex (navy, brown, black, Burgundy) eyeliner can be used.Textured fabrics, velvets and mohairs made of silver and all silver leather by Karl Lagerfeld are reflected in makeup, a game of shining and rainbow colors on porcelainMatte base.Low light is to be specially placed, says Lento, for example, a new product called the cosmic glow that can be used as lip gloss or silver cheeks shimmerfrosted bronze.The lipstick is light, either a Rose/peach base, or a color like a copper magnet and pink sugar, or a satellite, which is limited --Gold beige can be independent or more than favorite colors.The lips were neutral, shiny, but faded, said lunto.Lento concluded that it looks like Chrissie Hynde-goes-to-Japan -Charming black eyes and sweet girlish lips.While Lagerfeld's instructions to his makeup team in Paris suggest the look of a person who's been partying all night --As they said in the West, "ride hard and wear wet clothes .".Thai-Born designer Max Nugus showed his clothes at the lunch meeting of the Arthritis Foundation, you can say one thing to Nugus, who is considered the eighth brother of the local designer --He will use it if it sparkles, glows or shouts.It is clear that he has never heard the phrase "less is more."While some clothes have some solid designs, Nugus can't resist the build-up of elements, and can't help but put clothes on the lines of taste and refinement.The dress displayed on the "real" female model is too short to be flattering;The bus and gown tops don't fit, wide, built in-The shoulder of the "Dynasty" would fit Joan Collins, about 1985 years old.Some of his Thai silk is lovely, some clothes, like a red suit with a little embroidery on it, it works well.The shades of other fabrics are shocking, like an orange silk decorated with black velvet branches.Usually, the nuugus that makes clothing for private clients does not show a cohesive design direction.In general, his clothes are fancy, dated, and the skirt is the boundary of fashion and taste.<
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