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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-02
Post-Postpartum exercise provides a range of benefits for new moms.However, it is important to remember that you should consult your doctor frequently before starting your exercise program.What kind of delivery you have will determine the speed at which you resume your workout plan.It's usually recommended that you wait until 6 weeks.natal check up.Be careful before jumping back to the exercise program, especially in the abdomen.During pregnancy, your abdomen will be separated from the increased stress of the baby.This is the so-called longitudinal cracking.It is important to minimize separation before doing any hard abdominal work to get abs working properly.Simply perform the following tests to measure your separation.The knee is bent, the finger is placed above the navel, lying on the back.Now, lift your head, neck and shoulders from the floor and if there is a gap between your abs, you will feel it.If you do feel a notch, measure the size of the separation with your fingers, 2 fingers and above, I suggest you do the following exercise every day before doing any other abdominal exercise.This will train the abdomen again to create a stronger and more stable spine.
The knee is bent, the heel is aligned with the ischisis, leaning against the back (the bone part you feel when you are sitting ).Wrap a towel around your middle part and pass the towel through the ABS (held at each end ).Lift your head, neck and shoulders from the floor, breathe out, pull your abdomen to the spine, and tighten the towel.This will pull the ABS together and re-train them in their correct position.Repeat 10 times a day and continue to monitor the separation.
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After giving birth, I was surprised by what I used to beThe tight belly looks like a deflated balloon.Don't panic. this is normal.In the next few weeks, your uterus will naturally shrink to the front of it.Shape of pregnancyBreastfeeding accelerates this process, resulting in more intense and frequent contractions.However, I must stress that this alone is not enough for your pre-Pregnant body backPost-Postpartum exercise will speed up the recovery process and enhance the valuable strength the body needs to keep up with the busy schedule of caring for newborns.Be patient with yourself.It can take months or more depending on how much time you can spend working out.

1.Buy a daily plan and plan your workout loosely around your baby's schedule.For example, take a stroller for a walk in the morning after the first feeding.(Start with the aflat terrain and move forward to a different elevation ).Next, you can spend 15 minutes doing some core conditioning exercises when the baby takes a nap.Yes, it does require willpower, but when you start to see the results, you are motivated to do more.2.Take the sports course "mom and me.Go to a local hospital or a pediatrician for a course.These are a great way to get in touch with the newborn and fit the workout time you need urgently.A win-Win for both sides!3.Create a sports video library of different lengths so that you are ready when you find unexpected times.4.Exercise when you do your daily activities.Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) can be performed anywhere and are very valuable for achieving a strong, stable pelvic region, since pregnancy hormones are still present, this is usually lax (especially if you are breastfeeding ).Exercise Safety tips1.Invest in a good support bra.In terms of milk production, your breasts will be larger than normal and require a lot of extra support.2.Be careful-Due to the pelvic ligament and joint relaxation left over from pregnancy, exercise is affected.That's why the core (abdominal work after pregnancy is the key to preventing lower back and joint injuries ).3.Make sure you drink a lot of water to replenish yourself, especially when breastfeeding.4.Listen to your body.If you feel tired, relax.Try not to force yourself before you are ready.5.If you start to feel dizzy and sick, or notice a change in the color of the vaginal discharge, please consult your doctor.You may have worked too hard.I recommend Pilates as an aerobic exercise for core training and weight loss.Try to fit 2-30-aerobic exercise 3 times a week (walking, running and hiking)45 minutes, body conditioning at least 3 times a week.Enjoy this wonderful time with your children.You created the miracle of life.The extra weight is a small price to pay for a bundle of happiness.Be patient and your body will soon return to normal.
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