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high impact sports bra myths, lies and propaganda about exercise by lt. col. bob ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-02

By Lt.Col.Bob Weinstein, USARRet.During my military career, I met all sorts of tall stories about eating and exercising.The scope of misinformation is so large that you will think we are dealing with cold war propaganda.If a lie is told frequently enough, it will be regarded as the truth.Here are some myths, lies and propaganda about exercise.Exercise Myth #1: The best time to exercise is in the morning as it will jump --Start your metabolism.
Truth: exercise anytime, anywhere.
The best time to exercise is the time that suits your schedule.It can be morning, noon or evening.The enemy wants to deprive you of any idea of flexibility so you surrender and don't exercise enough.Exercise in the morning will speed up waking upYou will feel energetic in the process.Mid-A day of exercise will give you plenty of energy and energy to help you overcome the discomfort of the afternoon.Exercise at night is an amazing pressure.Management tools that allow blood circulation to recover so that you can really feel more energy to enjoy the night.Any morning and evening metabolism, the difference is insignificant compared to the overall benefits of exercise.Propaganda of the enemy.This myth was broken.Exercise Myth #2: muscles become fat without exercise.
The fact is: the muscles do not and cannot become fat.
It's a bunch of crap!"The Wizard of Oz" may turn muscles into fat, but it's a fairy tale. the tooth fairy can't help you on this!Soldier, jump out of there!Fat can not and will not become muscles, muscles can not and will not become fat!Here's what happened.You burn out fat, increase your muscles, or you lose your muscles and increase your fat.Get the other publicity out of your head!Exercise myth #3: running a mile consumes more calories than walking a mile.The truth is: running a mile is the same as walking a mile consumes the same amount of heat.
We invited mathematicians for this.They looked at us with a smile and said, "give us some challenges.This is a no-brainer.It costs 100 calories to run a mile and a mile.It takes longer to walk a mile, so it burns the same amount of calories.So why run?Because aerobic exercise is effective, running can burn more calories than walking if you want to burn calories.Ask a mathematician.It is true.Exercise Myth #4: In order to benefit your heart, you have to exercise for 30 to 40 minutes in a row.
The fact is: every exercise will bring benefits to the heart.
The enemy wants you to subscribe to yourself.defeating All-or-No principle.The All-or-There is no principle: "I wouldn't have done this at all if I couldn't exercise for 30 to 40 minutes in a row."We are created to do what we can.Research supports the fact that every movement is good for overall health.On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle can damage your health and heart.Exercise Myth #5: extra weight will produce good sweating effectloss.
Reason: good sweat is good sweat.
Let me tell you how good it is to sweat!This is a good sweat!Good sweat causes extra moisture loss, not fat weightloss.Do I need to say more?Exercise Myth #6: If you are injured, you should not exercise at all in order to heal your injury.
Truth: movement promotes healing.
My reliable agent in this field has found several sources of this myth.The issue of responsibility in the medical community may play a role in disseminating such misinformation.Truth: as long as the exercise is done safely under the guidance of your doctor, it will promote healing.Now, here's a big test question for you.Why do you need physical therapy for injuries?Yeah, I know.I have given you the answer: Sports can promote the healing and regeneration of the organization.Exercise Myth 7: focusing on abdominal exercise will help me lose abdominal fat.
The truth is: it inspired my poetry.
You can crunch all day.
You can crunch all night.
You can crunch before bed and under the moonlight.
You can break it.
You can get it down.
You can't lose a pound.No!Abdominal exercise is not aimed at reducing abdominal fat.Don't believe in the ads for gadgets. By the way, there is no tooth fairy.Exercise Myth #8: stretching before exercise is essential to prevent injury.The fact is: there is no solid evidence that stretching can prevent injuries.
This myth is designed by the enemy with the aim of preventing you from starting your work and focusing on cardio and strength training.Stretch too much!The benefits of stretching for aerobic exercise are almost zero.There is no solid evidence that stretching is essential to prevent injuries.In fact, studies have shown that stretching actually increases the sensitivity of muscles to injury and, according to the study, stretching causes muscle fibers to lengthen and disrupt the stability of muscles in strength training.Gentle Stretching should not be a problem.My advice is: warm up before stretching, or do a gentle stretch until you warm up.Another option is to stretch briefly between the two groups.Exercise Myth 9: Don't eat before exercise.
The truth is: eat before exercise.
The enemy wants Americans to run out of energy and become weak.If someone says to you, "Let's drive."I think I can imagine the surprised look on your face!Food is fuel and you need it to work out.However, don't eat too much.If you have an evening workout, make sure that lunch is not the last meal you have ever had.Also, if you don't have time for a decent meal, have a banana, a sports shake or an energy bar.Can't get something good without any excuse.In preparation for a good quality nutritionHigh quality exercise.Exercise Myth 10: Strength training will make women stronger.
The TRUTH: No!Strength training does not enhance the physical fitness of women.
The enemy wants our women to remain weak.Don't let it happen!Ladies, you won't be strong because of strength training.Most women's bodies do not produce enough testosterone to become bulky like those big men on TV.Proper strength training can enhance your appearance and strength.Also, if you're still worried, focus on being a senior representative.This strategy is very healthy for your muscles, as you will also increase muscle endurance, not just muscle strength.Exercise myth #11: Strength training should only begin after losing weight.
The fact is: Strength training is important for weight.loss.
Let's do it again.The longer the enemy delays Americans to take part in the exercise program, the greater the chance of failure, and another healthy lifestyle is knocked down by myths even before it starts.Exercise is always healthy as long as you don't hurt yourself.Of course, at the beginning, exercise is likely to hurt your feelings.If that's what you feel, go to my site NoMoreCryBabies.com.When you are in the process of losing weight, strength training is a clear advantage.Aerobic exercise is also essential.Just follow the principles of what you can do and don't forget to say to yourself and others how happy you are.Exercise myth #12: If you don't work hard and exercise regularly, it's a waste of time.
All sports are good for your health.
The human body is created for exercise, not a sedentary lifestyle.Every bit of exercise you can incorporate into your daily life will enhance your health and happiness.It's a myth that you have to work hard and often reap any health benefits.Eat right;Exercise regularly;Think positively;Focus on those valuable life goals;Focus on leaving your mark on this earth by serving others and the men and women who benefit you.This is the secret of a healthy life.Exercise myth 13: if you exercise longer and your heart rate stays within the "fat burn" range, you burn more fat.
The fact is: you burn more fat when you increase your intensity.
It's time for math class again.Yes, indeed, the percentage of fat you burn is very low.The intensity exercise is higher than the more intense exercise with an increase in heart rate.This is a fatal math mistake, though.With a low-Exercise hard and you consume fewer calories.With a high-Intensity exercise, in general, you burn more calories, so burn more fat, although the percentage of fat burning is reduced.This means that all of those treadmills with fat burning metrics will not only take away your calories from burning, but will also take away your good cardio and strength --Training and exercise.
Forget the gadgets that measure your heart rate and try to connect with your body with what you call perception.You can judge whether your exercise is light, medium, hard, very hard or cruel.Use it to measure.Also, remember: you want to improve your heart rate and your cardiovascular condition.Otherwise, those diseasesThe relevant enemy soldiers will knock on your door.Sports myth 14: You have to stay away from strength training when you are trying to lose weight because it will make you fat.
The fact is: all exercises, including aerobic exercise and strength training, are essential in the process of losing weight.loss program.
This may be linked to the myth that another fat can become a muscle.All sports, including aerobic exercise and strength training, are essential in the process of losing weight.loss program.If you don't do strength training, your body will start to practice eating people.And, guess who muscle your body will eat?Your own!This is not science fiction.If you do not use and maintain your muscles, you will lose it.Your metabolism will be slower and your health will be affected.Exercise myth 15: stress will accelerate metabolism and burn more fat.
The fact is: Stress can cause the body to burn fat to slow down and may lead to an increase in fat retention.Exercise myth 16: jogging and running can make a woman's breasts drooping.
Truth: this is not a myth!If a woman does not have the proper support, jogging and running will make her breasts drooping.
Wear a sports bra and don't even consider eliminating excellent cardio from your workout.Walking is for people who can't run, I hope you are not that kind of person.If you don't wear a good sports bra, exercise can make your breasts drooping faster, says M. Peter Bruno.D.A physician in New YorkHigh-Activity with an impact, especially jogging or aerobic exercise, puts pressure on Cooper's ligaments, which are the connecting tissue that keeps the breast firm.According to the American Sports Council, compression bras are most effective for smaller brasbusted women.The more you donate (usually a C cup or larger), the bra should choose a "packaged" bra that supports each breast separately.Change the fitness bra every six months to one year.Exercise myth 17: I can't lose weight because it's my gene.
The TRUTH: No!There is no last word for your genes.Regardless of your genes, a proper diet and regular exercise can have a positive impact on your weight.Regardless of your genes, lack of exercise and poor eating habits can have a negative impact on your health.
You have no effect on your genes, and in some cases there is a tendency for weight gain in the genes.But wait.The truth is that no matter what your genes are, exercise and a healthy diet will have a positive impact on you.This means that exercise and proper diet will still reduce the impact if you have a tendency to gain weight or suffer from certain diseases.
Your lifestyle choices may have a negative impact on the genetic development of your future family offspring.There is new evidence of so-called environmental genetics, a radical theory proposed by Professor Marcus Penbury of the Institute of Child Health at University College London in 1990s for cross-generational genetic adaptation.Simply put, your lifestyle of poor food choices, overeating, or not exercising can lead to a tendency for future generations to be overweight, suffer from certain diseases or even smoke.The good news is that your healthy lifestyle may have a positive impact on the development of genes for future generations.Author: Lt.Col.Bob Weinstein, USARRet.
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