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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-09
Very large breasts can lead to severe pain, worsening posture, and the risk of spinal deformity.The challenge is to maintain an effective posture through appropriate reinforcement and stabilization exercises.For some men, it may be difficult for women with large breasts to see negative effects.But for 1 million women, let's say "donate generously", which can be a source of considerable pain.In fact, some women suffer from severe pain, worsening posture, and because of their large proportion of breasts, there is a risk of spinal deformity and other repetitive stress injuries on the shoulders and upper limbs.These problems are due to changes in normal anatomy due to overweight chest and weak muscle support.Another fact related to this situation is that some women are even ashamed and actually trying to hide them from changing their posture by having their shoulders roll forward.This abnormal posture may put pressure on an area called "chest exit" in the upper body near the shoulder.When this happens, a bundle of nerves and blood vessels is squeezed, causing pain and discomfort in the upper limbs.Very large breasts will not only lead to a reduction in the upper and middle normal curvesBut it can also lead to severe lower back pain.When the upper cervical spine changes, the lower cervical spine will bear more pressure.The challenge for these women is to maintain an effective posture through appropriate reinforcement and "core" stabilization exercises.Exercise may make it easier for active women with large breasts to have back pain.Constant breast movement from highDue to lack of oxygen and fatigue in the muscles, severe pain caused by the impact games.In physical therapy of strenuous exercise, posture practice and even pain medication, the muscles of the back bear a huge burden, trying to support very large breasts is usually the first line of defense for women.Many doctors recommend buying custom bras or sports bras that can better distribute the substantial weight of large breasts in larger areas, thus reducing muscle strain and improving overall breast positioning.This is especially important for short-stature women, as their breasts put pressure on more concentrated areas, so it may be necessary to integrate all mitigation strategies.Let me explain before any woman starts any exercise program designed to help them relieve back pain that they need to have a full physical assessment to make sure any posture dysfunction is explained, and correct the muscle imbalance.Muscle imbalance can be described as a muscle group that is too strong and tense, while the opposite muscle group becomes weaker and overstretched.Posture dysfunction can be described as abnormal pelvic position or abnormal position of the upper neck, head and shoulder.As we mentioned earlier, a woman can keep her shoulders in a circular position, which increases the weight of the breast, and your current shoulders rotate, SAG and expand inside, this will pull the head of the shoulder forward, which in turn will cause the neck to pull forward and forward.There are also many other adaptations that occur, including balancing the weight of the upper spine body and the position of the pelvis.It is the pelvis, the most than it usually holds, and at the same time has the greatest impact on the curvature of the spine.Before the last move, what you can do is a process I just described, which is repeated every day, there is no high-tech diagnostic device in the medical community that can systematically piece it all together.There are many chain reactions that can lead to lower back pain, which is why physical assessment is so important.In this case, the assessment needs to take into account the posture dysfunction of the upper neck back and shoulders and the position of the pelvis.Which muscles are tight and strong, and which muscles are weak, can not fully support the body.There needs to be a comprehensive plan to complete a new strain of rest or to eliminate muscle imbalances.Basically, a woman will be asked to do a very unbalanced exercise to get back to a more balanced state, and her body can withstand extra stress for the rest of her life.The failure of the last resort to solve the pose problem may lead to a more drastic solution.More and more women choose breasts.Reset surgeryBe sure to use this option as a last resort, as there are many risks and negative effects of this operation.In addition to external scars, scars may also appear inside the breast.Until recently, doctors have also been concerned that this may interfere with the accuracy of the breast X-ray examination, which increases the risk of breast cancer.But it turns out that, for some women, breast examination and breast X-ray examination may actually be easier to carry out after the breasts shrink."From a physical examination point of view, it may be more difficult to find a very small lesion [lump] in a woman with a very large breast," said Charles Finder.D.He is a radiologist at the Food and Drug Administration's breast X-ray quality and radiation program.Other shortcomings of the breastThe reduction of surgery may include insensitivity of nipples and decreased sexual response.Many doctors have also warned that there may be a significant reduction in milk supply after surgery.Some women found they could not breastfeed at all.In addition, the average cost of the breastReset surgery in the United StatesS.Close to $6,000, the price can be much higher depending on where you live.Therefore, many insurance companies have writtenReset surgery beyond full coverage.Fortunately, in addition to surgery, there are other ways to reduce back pain caused by excessive breasts.Muscle balance therapy is a safe and effective way to restore some stability of the pelvis and spine to help women with larger breasts to withstand the stress of daily life.
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