heavy sweatshirt Tips for Staying Warm During Fall Runs

by: INGOR     2019-08-16
heavy sweatshirt Tips for Staying Warm During Fall Runs
Autumn is a pleasant month for running.The air is fresh and clean, and the deep red, golden and orange leaves add a touch of color to your daily life.However, the cold autumn temperature means wearing different clothes in order to keep warm enough to run for a long time.With the right clothes, you can train the whole autumn/winter season.Dressed in layman's clothes. The goal is to keep warm without overheating, which can be difficult in cold weather.At first, your body will be cold, but when you run, you may find that you are sweating and not feeling well.Layered dressing helps solve this problem.The first layer should be long.Long-sleeved shirts or high-collar shirts, made of fabric, are designed to absorb moisture from the skin.Depending on the temperature, you also need long underwear or tights of the same fabric on your legs.Avoid cotton;It traps sweat next to your skin and makes you wet and cold.The next floor is warm.A heavy jersey or wool jacket or shell will keep the body warm.Focus on keeping the core warm.When you run, you can remove this layer if needed.Wear a jacket made of nylon or other waterproof fabric.This layer of wind, rain or snow.It can also be removed if you don't need it.Hats and gloves avoid body fever by wearing hats.The University of Virginia Health System noted that "wearing a hat is essential because the head loses up to 50% of the body temperature."A headband with earmuffs will make you warmer, or you will find that the headband works well for you.Wear it in addition to the hat.Gloves keep your fingers warm and dry.Special running gloves are available in a variety of styles, or you can wear bulky traditional gloves.A scarf or mask will keep your face warm in worse weather.It's always wise to take care of your body to warm up and stretch while running, but in cold weather it's more important to keep your blood circulating and keep your muscles warm.Hydration is essential even in cold weather.You may know the importance of water in hot weather, but when running in cold weather, your hydration needs are just as large.You are still sweating while running in the fall and still losing water.Make sure to drink a lot of liquid before, during and after running.Food fuels your body and running in the cold is more important.When running, your body will not only consume energy, but also keep you warm.Eat healthy snacks before going out.Exercise-When running in the cold, the induced trachea spasm is more likely to occur.Scarves on the mouth and nose can help control the situation.Spend extra time during the warm-up and be sure to take it with you if you use a respirator.The article written by Cate Rushton has been a freelance writer since 1999 specializing in wildlife and outdoor activities.Her published work also includes interpersonal relationships, gardening, and tourism on various websites.Rushton holds a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Utah.
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