half zip sweatshirt American Giant sweats the details in sweatshirts

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half zip sweatshirt American Giant sweats the details in sweatshirts
Bayard Winthrop at the top stands on the floor of the SFO garment factory in Brisbane, where his American giant jerseys are produced.Starting from his mission area apartment a year ago, his jerseyFull Zip half zip jumper-It has been postponed.LessBayard Winthrop stands on the floor of the SFO garment factory in Brisbane, where his giant American sweatshirt was produced.Starting from his mission area apartment a year ago, his jerseyFull Zip half zip jumper-It has been postponed.On a recent afternoon, lessBayard Winthrop pulled one of his jerseys off the production line at the SFO garment factory in Brisbane, and then pulled the cuffs."After a few laps of rolling up the arm, a lot of junk spandex will start to slide like raw bacon," Winthrop said ."."How do you solve this problem?By building beautiful f-ribbing."Former CEO of bicycle and skateboard apparel companies such as Chrome and Freebord manufacturing, 44-year-Old Winthrop started the American giant with a simple first goal: making the perfect hoodie.This jersey is the iconic silhouette of the United States.But there is no love in it.He said: "It has become a shirt with no shape ." He curled his lips and shook his head."A blouse.His American Dalian hoodie is reasonably constructed and made in cotton and localIt has a variety of variations, such as full zip, half zip and jumper, priced between $79 and $89Since he started the company from mission area apartments, it has been extended for several months in a row.By the time it was a little over a year old, it had grown to 18 employees and produced in four factories.His team was picked from his connections in the valley.His creative guide, Philip Manu, designed glass for the iphone, and the company's first investor was Donald Kendall, former CEO of PepsiCo.Its clients include "Portlandia" Carrie duo Bronstein and Fred Amison, McKay bibashernikov and author Stephen King."The FBI's New York office bought a bunch for their agents," said Winthrop ."."We heard that Zuckerberg was wearing them, yes."Last month, when the American giant launched a female production line, it sold out in a few hours and was postponed for about two months.He began a debate about building his own factory."We're trying to predict demand, but it's hard," Winthrop said ."."We found real needs here.Today, most manufacturing is just thin skin in San Francisco and Brooklyn --For a precious craft 20-foot rope.I'm not interested in making a $400 pair of jeans, just an f-sweatshirt.When a Slate magazine article called "perfect Jersey" was published, he sold out all his inventory within 36 hours.Randy comisal is one of the Giants consultants in the United States, and is also a general partner of clena Perkins Caulfield and Byers, 10 years ago when they worked with a company called web chatKomisar said that Winthrop has achieved considerable success in Silicon Valley and is known for quickly building companies and selling them --But that's how he disappeared.Bayard has male traits in his 50 s.The upper lip is stiff. don't complain. hard work is worth doing.There's a reason he left Silicon quickly.Food start-up company."Maybe the jersey is not a sexy thing to be excited about on Shashan Road, but Bayard doesn't think so.When Komisar talked about the construction of the jersey, his voice softened."The little twill around the cuffs, the look of the buttons, the look of the hood, the panel, the dry feeling of the cotton, God, he said:" This is something we almost forgot about on the clothes ."."But the bad thing is I can't get my damn jersey.One recent morning, Winthrop wore a plaid old navy button --Drive to the factory in faded blue jeansClass 96 Toyota Tacoma.His daily schedule is on the notes on the dashboard.He threw the coffee cup on the roof of the truck and rolled it to the bed."It's not just a jersey," he said .""In 1980s and 1970, 'Made in America' was patriotic, but it could also be a bit of a xenophobia.Now we become a service.It's about whether we are still competitive as a country or whether China will kick our ass."At the factory, Winthrop walked through a bunch of jerseys to discuss sewing details with the factory president.All cotton is knitted, dyed and knitted in North Carolina, and then cut and sewn in San Francisco (herringbone flower ornaments at the inner seams ).When he pressed on a stack of jerseys, he said: "I feel very comfortable in the factory .".It's very picky, but mechanical.A series of fascinating steps of restraint.He talked about the "dry feel" of a cotton jersey "."The hand-The feeling of modern J.C.The Penney jersey is almost greasy.You feel the smell of oil. it's really disgusting."The density of the weave should be heavy, the nap is soft, and the fit (elastic paneling on the shoulders and sides) moves."I want a custom zipper with grip and weight that I can pull when I wear a good aiglet on my gloves and string.I want a hood that can sit in the back.I hope it's built perfectly.It's just a jersey but the jersey can be great.The slogan of the American giant is: "Don't be too comfortable .""Winthrop, from Cos Cob, Connecticut., and has blue-Gray eyes and sandy hair, go to Deerfield college, study history at the University of Vermont, then find a bank job in New York, and finally debtArrange work in San Francisco."In that childhood, success means banking," he said .""I am trying to change my life from this point."When he left the finance company, he started working for a sports equipment company called Atlas snow shoes.Two years later, he became chief operating officer and the company sold it to K2 Sports.He later became the CEO of WebChat, a communications startup he sold to Disney.He set up a extreme sports company, the Freebord manufacturing company, and then became president of the local brand Chrome.Both companies are now one of the biggest manufacturers in San Francisco.The American giant was his first startup.He was named after sleeping giants, a mountain near his childhood home, and World War II quotes about the potential power of the United States."Its humility and strength are right," he said .".The patent was owned by a thriller writer who gave it to Winthrop for free after receiving a phone call.Winthrop wakes up at 5 every morning and goes to the World Gym"The basic gym I grew up in."He doesn't know about fashion gossip."We are not fashion companies, and I am not a fashionista anyway," he said with a smile ."."We are manufacturers."Dealers like Nordstrom are interested in this, but he keeps refusing --"Once you are layering in a dealer, you have to raise the price."So far, the only investor in the company is Kendall, a former CEO of PepsiCo, who says he's attracted to new manufacturing methods."When you can combine great products with the opportunity to reshape an industry by compressing supply chains and liberating US manufacturing, this is what I want to be 92-year-old wrote by e-mail.In the factory, Winthrop stared at the color of a stack of light blue jerseys --"It takes us so long to pick a color.I can't stop thinking when we make a decision.I'm a little obsessive.A Jersey.You want basic, but what is basic?"Nellie Bowles is a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle.E-Postage: nbowles @ sfchronicle.
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