half zip sweatshirt American Giant hoodies: They’re back!

by: INGOR     2019-08-21
half zip sweatshirt American Giant hoodies: They’re back!
American giant CEO Bayard Winthrop stands on the sewing floor of a factory in Brisbane, which is now one of four factories made by his company's clothing.The company expanded to meet demand after a sharp rise in popularity at the end of 2012.(Russell leaf/Chronicles) the American giant is only about 10 months old when everything changes.The San Francisco apparel brand launched its first line in February 2012, with some strong principles.They are obsessed with their Americans.Quality of clothing.They save money by selling directly to customers online.They avoid traditional marketing and retail strategies.This means that the only way they can reach new customers is through word of mouth and media coverage.(The stylistic part of the Chronicle covered the company in June.) This method works well in a few months.The company has men's clothing-full-zip, half-Zipper and jumperSFO garment factory from Brisbane.Then, last Dec.Slate columnist Farhad Manjoo wrote an article claiming that the hoodie was "the greatest jersey known to human beings" and things got a little crazy."It started to accelerate quickly, organic, word-of-Growth of the mouth "CEO Bayard Winthrop"We had a hot day on December 20.We sold all the stocks and we bought more.The company discussed how to deal with future demand, from "it will remain quiet again in two weeks" to an expected rise in demand.'Afterwards, we seriously underestimated the most optimistic sales, 'Mr. Winthrop said ."The American giants-The zipper jersey is the most popular item and has been in a state of extension for months.The Great Extension began.Customers are starting to spend $79 on a jersey that they know will not come in a few months.The word-of-Oral growth is organic, but it is also difficult to predict.There is no traditional marketing, "You did cancel this level of control," said Winthrop "."This is a completely flat environment for consumption.A tweet can lead to thousands of purchases."This goes against the manufacturing problems of the old world," he said .""There are real challenges there.This is not an app.You have real sewers in North Carolina and they have to build a jersey.This is the story for months: order an American giant jersey and be ready to wait.When the backlog of orders is piled up, the product is still in transit, and when early purchasers receive their jerseys, the news about the quality of the product is spread, prompting others to buy.A friend of mine ordered a jumper jersey on April, he called on October to ask about its arrival date and was told it was shipped that weekAnd it's free.Winthrop said he was not aware of any large group of customers whose orders had been paid due to long delays.But his customer service team can make decisions about orders for individual customers."If we feel like we are stumbling, our customer service team will be able to make these decisions," he said .""This is often the case for us.We ask many of our customers to bring us a leap of confidence."By spring, SFO clothing has not kept up with the demand for more floor space for the US giants.This summer, the company began production at three other factories, all within 80 miles of Raleigh, NY.C.—A center with a history of American garment manufacturing and skilled labor.Winthrop said he did not want to transfer production to the Bay Area, where it was easy to get involved and visit factories, but North Carolina "is still a million times easier than Shenzhen.With the increase in the manufacturing capacity of the new factory, the production of the full range of men's clothing "peak"Zip in September, he said, customers can now order one online and arrive within normal time.When all the products were sold out, several customers who visited the site still placed orders.Winthrop said, but now they are back in stock, buying five times as many tourists as they did.One regret?"I will bet more aggressively on inventory," he said ."."Expanding to North Carolina is a decision on June or 5.It should be faster."He felt that the American giants were well prepared and a wave of interest in quality --Conscious consumers are eager to know a brand and its products directly.Most of its U.S.Customers live in the subway area along the coast, but there are quite a few customers in the inland area."I thought a lot about what would happen if Farhad didn't write that article," he said ."."Now, things are not so broadcast --More is the communication between people.This is a big problem if you can ignite this conversation.This is still the best thing the brand has ever encountered.
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