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h and m grey hoodie how to crochet a basic dog sweater | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
Small or short in cold weatherDogs with hot hair will get cold.Cover the back of the puppy with a simple sweater, wrap it around the belly and keep it warm.Crochet a simple sweater that can be adapted to different stitching, trimming and multiple colors once you have mastered the basic design.
To hook the dog sweater, you should be familiar with the chain Buckle, double crochet, and gradually reduce.Use washable yarn to get the most out of your dog sweater.Measure the circumference of your dog's neck, around the center, and the length of the back from the bottom of the neck to the back side with a tape measure.
Use a long enough chain around your dog's neck.The double crochet is across the fourth chain from the hook and each chain.Chain two, put your work and double crochet through each pair.
Keep making rows until you have eight rows of double crochet.Turn your work and slide the stitching on 11 double crochet.Chain 2 and work double crochet until you sew 11 stitches from the edge.
Chain two.
Put your work and double crochet across each pair.Until your T-Shape things are as long as the back of your dog.Cut off your yarn and leave a 3-The tail of the inch and done by your last stitching.
Through the tail of your big threadWeave the tail into your work with an eye needle.Cut a piece of yarn through your big-eye needle.Take your T-Shape, dock the short end of "T" together, and sew it together with a mattress.
Weave at the end of the yarn.
This is the neck of the dog sweater.
Pick up your decorative yarn and attach it to the edge of the sweater at any point in the upper part of the neck hole.Work a row of single crochet all the way.Cut off your yarn and use your big-eye needle.Add your yarn to the bottom edge of the sweater and weave a row of crochet along the way.
Add the main yarn to the middle of the sweaterFollow the stem of one side "T" down, right behind your dog's front leg.Use eight single crochet in a single crochet trim.Chain two.Turn and work a single crochet row until you have a strap that can extend all the way to the middle of your dog, plus 2 inch (add the length of the strap to the width of the sweater ).
Half a hook-and-Tape down the side of the ring closed.Sew the other half's closure onto the sweater surface opposite the strap to finish your basic dog sweater
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