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grey hoodie with black sleeves Martin Shkreli's journey from pharma exec to Inmate #87850-053

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-17
grey hoodie with black sleeves Martin Shkreli\'s journey from pharma exec to Inmate #87850-053
The photographer took a photo of Turing Pharma's former chief executive, Martin Shkreli, who left with his lawyer Benjamin Bravman (left) on August.4, 2017.On August, lessPhotographers left the federal court in Brooklyn, New York, with lawyer Benjamin Bravman, taking photos of Turing Pharma's former chief executive, Martin shakley.4, 2017.Lesintin shakley made a terrible sound at the scene. he was a securities expert, worked on Wall Street at the age of 17, and set up his own hedge fund at the age of 23, and founded a biotechnology company, dolphin, after self-study biology.Some people may remember that he was a businessman who short drug companies after garbage.talking them.Or pharmaceutical executives who have been severely criticized for raising the price of their lives --Save more than 5,000 of medication.President Donald Trump called him a "spoiled child," while Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders's campaign called him a "greedy poster boy for drug companies "."34-year-old Shkreli is now facing a day of liquidation sentenced by the United States on Friday.S.Court Judge Matsumoto, Brooklyn, New York.She will decide whether to approve Shkreli's request for her to stay in prison for a year or 15year-or-Prosecutors say he should lie to investors in hedge funds and illegally control the shares.For Shkreli, the access to the prison began at dawn in December 20, when FBI agents raided apartments and securities fraud charges in Manhattan to arrest him.The news camera clicked and rolled to capture Shkreli, dressed in a gray hoodie, but cut off his usual smirk on his perp walk that morning.Although Shkreli claimed he was innocent and vowed to prove it right, he was convicted in August of cheating two hedge fund investors on a useful lie and a dolphin share scam.He was acquitted of the robbery of dolphin.Shkreli announced from court that his prosecution was "stupid political persecution ".That night, he predicted in a live Facebook broadcast that he would not be in jail for a day.It was wishful thinking, although some of the victims of Shkreli did not actually lose their investment and ended up making huge profits.Shkreli wrapped in prison on September-About a month after he was convicted of fraud, when he paid a reward for a hair of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the judge concluded that he posed a threat.The judge said Shkreli actually paid $10 million for the victims."The fact that he still does not know that his actions or remarks are inappropriate suggests that he is likely to pose an ongoing danger or risk to the community, matsumoto was still in prison while ordering Shkreli to wait for the verdict.Since then, the judge has not shown any tendency to relax with Shkreli.On March 5, she ordered him to pay $7 to the government.4 million profit from his crime.That is what the government is asking for, far more than the maximum appropriate punishment proposed by Shkreli of $500,000.Shkreli saga has always been the material for the New York tabloids, and his fans and haters keep a close eye on the Internet, whether through his inflammatory Twitter posts, eventually getting him banned from the site, still live on Facebook and YouTube, his apartment was banned.Here are some of the highlights (and highlights) of Shkreli's three years in the spotlight ).-Shkreli was criticized for raising the price of darasim from $13 to $750.50 in 2015.He later said that he should probably charge more.-In early 2016, Shkreli was called to Congress to explain his actions.He refused to cooperate.After the committee meeting, Shkreli wrote on Twitter: "It is difficult to accept that these idiots represent the people in our government.His Twitter account has been suspended.-On August, after Shkreli was convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy, he mocked his trial at a press conference outside the court.-When he got home, he chatted with a reporter from The New York Daily News and complained about fake news.-After spending a few months in prison and waiting for the verdict on Friday, Shkreli said in a letter, "there are some qualities of redemption in prison.
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