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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-14
Would you like to renovate your room in a modern style?You want to update it with some charming decoration, or make a fashion statement with fresh interiors, then the next six major themes are: go back to nature, the basic traditional factors that affect interior design continue with its luxurious light, space and simpleDesign furniture.Natural landscape is the core of this "down"to-earth\" theme.Glass and steel are the main focus of the material, the basic aesthetic is still very strong.
Shades used are gray, beige, off-White, yellow, walnut, brown, gold, copper and white.If you are more of a modern contemporary enthusiast then that's your theme.Modern materials and furniture will have the effect of cool mirrors, transparency and rainbow colors to make you look fresh and young.
The part of the product is covered with metal or shiny glaze.The colors used are skin, yellow, blue, lavender, rose, yellow-Green, turquoise and green (including pastel yellow, peach, shrimp, pink, clove, sour yellow and mint ).The popular trend is to make bold statements in bright colors.
The number of bright colors is small, mainly presented by accessories or colored chairs or sofas, and the colors of the rest are softer and less aggressive.If you want to include these, then something new will appear in cool and transparent materials such as glass or warmth such as felt and solid wood.The shades to be used are black and white, pastel, neutral and bright (including yellow, orange, pink, red, green, dark blue, Peacock and purple ).
Bohemian style directions are freeA man with a spirit shake, he likes to sprinkle souvenirs of past trips in his room.The main influence comes from all over the world, such as Turkey, North Africa (including Morocco), the Middle East, India, China, South America, Japan, etc.The shades used are amber, mustard brick, Orange, Indigo, crimson, brown and light eggplant (including neutral colors such as off-White and beige ).
Aquatic colors and plant elements return to nature with aquatic and plant themes, with color palettes and furniture designs inspired by lakes, oceans and lagoons.We should bring more nature into our homes, such as green plants, herbs, animals, which are also a huge source of motivation for design.The hue to use is blue-Green, lagoon green, lime green, Emerald, khaki green, deep olive, citrus green (including pink, orange, yellow, green, red, cobalt ).
If you like luxurious interior decoration, you can think of a wealth of materials such as satins, velvets and silk, as well as wood felt, fleece and concrete.Metal favorites such as gold and copper will remain, but this time they feature purple, magenta and crimson.The black and white combination will continue to be popular, but some visual illusions are expected to enter the combination.
The colors used are copper, purple, red, navy, Peacock, non-smoking gray, magenta and black.For more details, please visit our website: www.monnaie.in or www.Monnaiienteriors.ComCall US: 9625080808 email to us: ask @ monnaie.
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