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grey and white sweatshirt Driver allegedly flees scene of crash after knocking motorcyclist off bike

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-09
In Launceston, a young motorcyclist was knocked down by a car and the onlookers turned to him for help.CCTV lens capture moments:xa0Brettxa0On Saturday afternoon, Gray rode his blue and white Harley around the corner of York and Wellington Street and was hit by a red Holden comodor sedan.The owner of the Tasmanian motorcycle wholesaler said: "We are all on the white line and the first vehicles at the crossroads .
"When the lights turn green, I will go.
"Right in the corner of my eye.
xa0I saw the red color of the car and I thought, 'Oh, she's overshot her blue '."In order to give her a little space, I tried to straighten the bike, but she continued to drive and knocked me off the bike.Mr. Gray said he was hit at the crossroads and lost his direction.
Although several cars were driven, many onlookers stopped to help him."Fortunately, there was a motorcyclist behind me and he stopped right away," he said ."."There are several people waiting to cross the road.
They rushed over and in front of the lights on Wellington Street, quite a few people saw it all happen."They called the police and the ambulance for me and it was good.Brigadier's driver stopped outside Woolworth fromxa0But after a while, he returned to the car, allegedlyxa0Escape the scene.
"When the car hit my left leg, she was a little yelling because she put the window down."I only saw her for a millisecond," he said .".Mr. Gray said he was very lucky that he did not get further injured and came out of the pain of the car crashing into his back, shoulder and calf.
"I put on my riding gear so there was no peeling or anything broken," he said .".He had some damage to his bike, but recovered well from the crash."It was my pride and joy, and I only ate it for four weeks," he said .
"I have been riding a motorcycle for 43 years.I would classify myself as a capable rider, so I don't usually fall into this situation."She's been walking.This is the part that shocked me.Gray urged road users to respect each other.
"If you make a mistake, admit it," he said ."."We all make mistakes. the key factor for me is how we treat it.It is understood that the driver was found by the police on Sunday afternoon, but did not disclose whether she was accused of the incident.
Information or CCTV footage should be contacted by the police at 131 444
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