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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-14
While people can think in ways that improve their quality of life, or at least do no harm, they can also think in ways that limit their quality of life.The mind is like other tools;In order to take advantage of it, one needs to know how to use it.Without proper understanding, one may eventually become a slave to their thoughts, not the master of their thoughts.
One way might be to blame the mind and see it as a problem.But it's like a machine that uses a machine that they don't know how to use, and then blame it for the damage it caused.In this case, it is clear that people only need to learn how to operate the device and then they will not cause any more damage, or it will be the smallest if they do.
One reason this method of education is not adopted in the mind may be that people do not receive education about how their minds work.Parents or those around them may be good role models and therefore sources of guidance.However, if this is not the case, they are likely to be disappointed by the education system alone.
If they were looking for guidance from the beginning;Unless they want to know how their brain works, they may not know what is missing.Avoiding them can conclude that their mind is not something that can be understood and appreciated over time.It may eventually become something that one does his best to escape and avoid.
If a person does not understand their thoughts during childhood and in the education system, then these consequences and many other consequences are predictable.With the development of the Internet, self-development industry has given people the choice to educate themselves.Observers, because if a person is not taught how their mind works, or some of its functions, they may see the mind as who they are.
Based on this view, what the mind says is considered truth, not questioning.This can make you feel bound and controlled by their minds, especially when it comes to a loss of power.The ideal is for a person to question his or her thoughts and become an observer of it.
Here, one will not resist or try to change the mind;They just observe what is happening and neither accept nor try to change anything.This ability may take time to develop and will certainly continue to develop for the rest of their lives.When the mind is not observed, it is inevitable that a person will eventually be taken for a ride instead of the person who decides where they want to go.
One thing the mind does is to create meaning around everything that happens.This meaning has nothing to do with what is happening and it can cause a person to feel better or worse about something.In order to create this meaning, mid will draw on history, which will be by association.
Therefore, the present experience will eventually merge with your previous experience and the experience you hear through others.While similar things may have happened in the past and eventually go well, the brain can find a time when things don't go as planned.So, definitely, they may have other different experiences, or the situation now is completely different from the situation in the past, which is not important because the mind will project what has happened in the past to the present.
Therefore, it is not possible for a person to reach a balanced view and to accept all aspects of their current experience.This is because the mind is absolutely operational, which means there is no gray zone.It may sound accurate to say that it is not good to look at life in this way, but it will be another absolute.
Sometimes it is appropriate to look at life in this way, and sometimes it is not.It will all depend on what it is related to and whether there is a view that is improving people's lives.For example, if a person's mind comes to the conclusion that all door handles turn in the same direction, it will save them time and energy.
In most cases, this will not limit their lives unless they encounter a door handle that is in turn.However, it is possible to suffer when this thinking is applied to the opposite sex.By marking the opposite sex as some way, you don't have to think about it, so it saves a lot of mental energy, but the chances of them meeting different people will eventually be greatly reduced.
So while these ways of looking at life may not help someone, they will be classified as something familiar to the self-mind.What we are familiar with is safe, whether it is authorized or accurate.The ego's mind will eventually filter a person's life, so they only see what their mind thinks is real.
Therefore, it is important that a person is ultimately correct, because mistakes and deaths are linked.But just because a person is ultimately right does not mean that they will be happy, nor does it mean that there is no other way of looking at things.Consciousness is important for a person to monitor their brain and see when it uses black and white thinking.
It may be comfortable, or even normal, to sum up, but that doesn't mean it is in the best interests of people.For example, although it is certain in the mind that all men or all women are in some way, there will be a lot of completely different men and women.When a person starts to change their focus and use their mind instead of letting their mind use them, they will gradually begin to look at themselves and their lives in a new way.
A therapist, therapist, or trainer may be needed to help a person complete the process
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