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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-09

These bold, arrogant, confident creatures are not afraid of flashing, not afraid of flashing, not afraid of lowcut top.When it comes to fashion, female Rams are fromFashion leaders who love gorgeous, charming and sexy costumes.They are also the first to march around in the latest trends.
They are also perfectionists and hesitate to launch before the new outfit comes with all the right accessories.They love expensive designer clothes, but their frugal side will be content with decent imitation of Prada or Gucci.Plush velvet and vivid silk in colors such as red, yellow and gold are suitable for female ram's own "royal" concept.
At work, Arisian women like to stand out from the crowd and add a pair of highLook straight in high heels or sexy stockings.They love the style in their forties and details like plumbing, kicking, etc.Fold and round collar.They also love pea coats and long wool coats with a pair of high-heeled leather boots.
This demanding fire sign likes the glitter of rubies and diamonds and likes to wear watches that show two time zones, even if they are not Jett.

Female bulls are housewives, so they don't spend their family budget at home.Their wardrobes often contain clothes that reflect their love for practical activities such as gardening, cooking and home decoration.They like cheap and practical clothes like kha cloth, jeans and jerseysto-Be careful to throw the fabric directly into the washing machine.Because they spent a long time outdoors, their wardrobe was usually packed with ski gear.jackets, pack-pats and work-boots.
Taurus women are more casual than most people in the office, and they are the types of people who wear the same clothes to work every day.A comfortable sweater, worn on a wrinkled shirt with a kneeThe long dress is a typical dress.Because they tend to be heavier than most women in the zodiac, they tend to wear a lot of "slimming black ".
They have a simple taste of underwear, thinking that a white long cotton pajamas is as sexy as any item purchased secretly from Victoria.For more elegant things, the Bulls look best in imperial style dresses that highlight their chest and hide their bellies.
Taurus people often don't like to wear a lot of jewelry because the jewelry will be lost or dirty, but one item that loyal bulls will never take off is their wedding ring.

These smart, sexy, sensible women change their minds about what they want to wear every day.They have clothes in their wardrobe that are suitable for any occasion.This curious sign faithfully studies fashion magazines, always keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends.For casual wear, they prefer clothes with a subtle but unusual touch --Velvet cuffs on the shirt, unexpected folds or a little antique lace on the collar.
Gemini women have a keen sense of fashion, and when they are in a business model, they prefer to dress up as the "queen" of the office with power suits, pearls and expensive watches.Their favorite colors are dark blue, pink, lavender, silver and gold.
They like to dance, so they prefer loose fluid clothing in silk, cotton and satellites that flow as they move.They also like cheap street fashion with red vinyl miniDress or dress in bright yellow to surprise the garden party.
Their favorite stones are Ruby, Pearl and lemon stone.These free spirits are also like natural jewels, tuc a few flowers behind their ears.

Cancer women dress according to their mood.When it comes to their bodies, they can be very insecure and often impulsive to buy clothing, something they have never seen before outside of change --room doors.Driven by emotions, cancer women are not the most practical shoppers.Although they maintain a nationMost of the time, they love the conservative look, secretly craving risque underwear, platform high heels, plunging ties and a shower of chiffon and sequins.
These charming but shy people like to wear traditional suits below the knee skirt at work and follow the rules.
Cancer patients like loose and comfortable casual clothes, often hiding their bodies behind oversized men's shirts and black tights.For fancy events, they tend to rely on the old standSuch as a small black cocktail dress.
They love collecting costume jewelry, and their ears, wrists and fingers often boast "stacks like Indian bracelets, large pearl rings, charm bracelets, and cubic color filters ".

The futile drama queen likes to dress up for everyone's admiration.They have exquisite and expensive tastes in clothing and desires, following the items created by Prada, Chanel and Ungaro.Their desire to "not a sheep" forced them to add a personal style to a set of clothing to make it their own.Dare to match the diamond headwear with jeans and T-shirts is a lionessshirt.
These unconventional, confident women often wear the clothes they want to wear despite the dress code.They add to the taste of their power suit by shortening the hem or wearing fishnet stockings and high heels.
Sexy Leo usually prefers miniSkirt for any pants.For more formal events, they like to wear flowing robes in colors such as gold, silver, red and orange to make them look like resident goddesses.Their wardrobe often features designer sportswear, including the latest hiking, golf and tennis shoes.
The Tiger Woman considers diamonds to be the best friend of the girl, with rubies, emeralds and Sapphire inlaid in sunny pure gold, a sign of a very materialistic nature.

Virgos has a great sense of fashion and is good at mixing personal works together to create a strong, attractive personal statement.Energetic Virgins tend to store their large wardrobes in well-organized closets filled with classic items such as open-Toe strap back, Patent kitten-High heels, white shirts, navy suits, black cocktail dresses, tennis skirts, khaki cloth shorts, short skirts, flowing dresses and jeans.
They like it better at work.Custom, conservative suits in silver, white, pink, gray or lavender tones will never be caught by missing buttons or holes in socks.While female virgins are commercially killer sharks, they love to soften their image of a powerful suit by adding delicate female touches such as lace handkerchiefs, flowers or chiffon shirts.
They also like to collect state-of-the-art accessories such as turtle shell clips for hair, diamond earrings, Pearl nails, black belts with unique buckles, silver conch belts, silver clutch wallets, gold lame clutch and functional back-packs.
They think the display of wealth is cheesy and like to wear watches with thin gold bands, thin chains and demure diamond tennis bracelets.

Venus is in charge of sexy Libra people, so they have a good sense of touch.Their sense of touch has a lot to do with how they choose clothing and they prefer silk and cotton instead of itchy wool.Libra people may be surprised to be picky about clothes, and if the tailoring of suits or skirts is not appropriate, they are the first to visit a tailor.The logo loves balance and beauty and thinks the dress should praise the image perfectly.
At work, power-Wearing a Libra, you will choose a custom suit in jewelry fashion.Black tone or slimming.They are not suitable for decoration or too much jewelry, and prefer to wear gold hoop or simple pearl earrings as earrings.
They prefer to relax-Their favorite colors are casual clothes in pink and black.Libra likes capri pants and similar sexy and practical items.
For a night out, simplicity is the key to library style.They either like tight-fitting clothes, such as the little black Leka gown, or dress with themes that subtly remind you of another era, such as 1970 or 1950.Libra people have a subtle sense of balance, so they prefer high heels to high heels.When it comes to fashion, they absolutely believe that, like Jackie O, Catherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn, "less is more ".

When it comes to the style of Scorpio women, they will be influenced by their emotions.If they are frustrated, they are the most likely sign of the vote to dress up their heads --Let others know their mental state with black toes.However, despite the fact that their hearts often dominate their heads, these women also believe that one should remain calm at all times.
In the office, they like to "dress up and intimidate" with strong primary colors ".Many of them will add a sexy look to the conservative outfit by untying the shirt to reveal the cleavage or putting on a sexy high dressheels.
Scorpio women like to socialize, with many small black dresses, snow shirts, cashmere sweaters and sequins stacked in their wardrobes.They also like the velvet cloak drama on a formal occasion.I like the leather in red and black, and I also have many fashionable jackets of my own.Made of the best tight trousers and long coats.They also like to wear sexy because they are sexy, but they have good taste.
With the entry of mysterious things, they will also often decorate themselves with healing gems and amulets such as foot hs, Cross and five amuletspointed stars.

Fashion plays a role in the charming archers scheme, always showing a young, carefree look.Female archers pick items that make you feel sexy and comfortable.They prefer loose clothes to tailor-made clothes, and the hunters inside also like real and faux fur.
In the office, the shooter is likely to wear her favorite brown, dark blue, red and emerald-green clothes.As they are usually busy, they prefer a fuzzy sweater with a shirt dress or a suit with many pockets so they have a lot of places to store their "things ".
Casual, simple-Going to Archers prefer colorful multi-functional cotton cloth, which is as sunny as their positive character.Many of them are also very quirky and like to collect Russian fur MAFF, high-Printed satin jacket and vintageCocktail dresses in their 50 s.In a more formal event, they prefer a stylish cocktail dress and a bias cut ball dress reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's style.
They love precious gems, but are more inclined to wear precious gifts or family souvenirs than gorgeous rocks.They also highlight their personality by hosting a cabinet full of hats, which is perfect for any occasion.

Capricorn has a natural good taste, focusing on quality and durability.They tend to buy timeless items and prefer-Custom conservative items in colors such as rose, gray, navy blue, sky blue and camel.This is self sometimes.The conscious singing prefers long sleeves, not short sleeves and high collars, rather than the plunging splints.They also like vintage clothing as long as it is in its original state.
Capable Capricorn likes to add delicate femininity to premium suits such as diamond earrings or antique pins.
Female Cappies, often boasting the perfect organization of closets filled with classic items such as open-White shirt, navy suit, black cocktail dress and jeans.They also treasure hair accessories such as turtle shell clips and satin bows.

These elegant, thoughtful, sensitive creatures are very concerned about what others think of them.They tend to choose clothes that express a strong personality.They love the bright shades of purple, gold, Skyblue, ruby-Red and green.
At work, Aquarius women dress more outlandish than their colleagues.They love patterns, studs and pinstripes, as well as unusual fabrics such as flip-flops, Tweed, seersuker, and silk.They have a lively sense of fashion, often wearing berets, bright hair bands or a large and trendy piece of clothing jewelry to add vitality to the dress.
They hate luxury and like to shop in flea markets, vintage shops and retail stores.They were attracted by oneof-a-Manual and other objects-Knitted sweaters and hats, poncho and shawl.At the same time, however, they like the feeling and tension --Mix of Leica fiber and future polyester fiber.Sometimes they look "space"Wearing the "age" of a streamlined zip black suit ".Out for the night, the women's water bottle will choose unusual items such as a white sequined skirt, a purple denim or a top made of a glittering grid of gold chains.
Aquarius people like antique or future style jewelry and tend to buy unusual or unique jewelry to compliment their quirky outfits.

These very feminine, delicate and sensitive creatures tend to choose sensory items that appeal to their idealistic romantic sense.They love the soft-colored "girlish temperament" and the tactile charm of silk, velvet and satin fabrics.
In the office, they usually wear higher skirts and lower cut shirts.Casual wear, loose folds, tight shirtFitted shirt with lace trim and sexy cashmere sweater.They also like sports very much, like camping, fishing and hiking, so their wardrobe is often filled with sports equipment, tennis shoes, golf shoes and equestrian clothing.They also like the flowing long snow-spinning skirts, which look like goddesses in formal events.
As the sea rules the sign, they favor jewelry made by corals, shells, pearls and mothers --of-pearl.However, as they are very nostalgic and often religious, they are more likely to wear a gift from a loved one or pass on heir as the Peace of choice for jewelry.Because Pisces represents 2000-During the year of Christian rule, they also like to wear religious jewelry such as antique Roman coins and Saints medals.

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