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grey and blue sweatshirt Bold, moody paint hues for winter bliss: Photos

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-04
Taaubmans, Dulux, and Haymes pigments release palettes filled with rich and moody colors that are ripe to create luxurious winter spaces at home."Blues and charcoal fire are the perfect color for this winter," said Wendy Reini, color and Concept Manager at Haymes Paint ."."These shades have always been popular in interior design, creating a timeless interior design.
Dark color is her ideal choice for designer Shaynna BlazeColor palette designed in winter, the pop-up of color will increase the depth of the room."I like to make winter color palettes with dark colors.Charcoal ash, navy blue and deep sea green give any room a delicate feel.
These colors are great for the background as bold colored accessories in red, orange and yellow.The trick to this look is to use a simple palette of up to four colors, so as not to flood the eyes with too many shades.Bree Leech from dulos says home decorators should not dare to be bold when choosing winter colors.
"Adventure in the color you like --Don't be afraid to use different combinations or contrast colors together, "she said.Rennie agreed: "Don't be afraid to create a beautiful cocoon space at home with dark colors.Deep green plants are perfect for creating a comfortable space where you can escape in the cold winter.
Viking is the perfect color to create this evasive concept, and when combined with mystery and pale mushroom 5, you can create an ideal winter at home."These colors work very well in the living space and in the study.Haymes's rhythmic Palm theme captures and overstates the size of the environment to make a real statement at home, play on obvious patterns with oversized patterns and saturated colors, and truly encapsulate the jungleInstinct and primitive.
When matching bold, moody tones with complex schemes, Rennie warns that it is time to abandon the popularity of bright berries to suit the intensity and boldness of wine reading."Over the last few years, we 've seen berry-Just like the color, like the hemes berry juice used at home.We are now seeing a shift from these colors and to a deeper level of wine color like the hemes Blood Diamond and Rubicon.
"These deep reds enhance the complexity of the space and are more mature than lighter, berry colors in recent years.The winter trend of Dolos is driven by the Wilderness palette, which also reflects a moody and complex look, according to Lich."Sultry shades help make the big space feel comfortable," she said .
"Add focus with light or warm tones to create depth and intensity.Although the deep winter color palette can fit into any room in the home, they are especially suitable for the bedroom and the smaller living room where we will naturally blend into the cocoons to relax."The winter color palette is best suited for closed family areas," Rennie said .
"It's best to avoid using a dark winter palette in large open living areasSpacious living/dining area.Winter palettes are most effective in smaller spaces that families like to retreat to during winter.The enclosed lounge and bedroom are the ideal spaces to try these palettes.
Brand ambassador Shaynna Blaze said that the dark blue tones of Taubman endure the Black Forest and work well with the gray, red and white in the bedroom."Make sure the color balance of bedding, carpets and other room accessories you choose.The combination of blue, red and white gives sexNeutral, slightly nautical, not tacky.
A bold fire says knowing which color to match with dark tones will ensure that their richness can be successfully surpassed from the main bedroom to the rest of the room."I also like to use less traditional winter colors indoors, such as Deep coal and India."If you follow this trend, make sure you layer your shades from dark wall color to soft gray or white in trim and accessories," she said .
"Using five or six shades from dark blue to gray blue to white will create the perfect moody look this winter.My favorite combination is the Gypsy Rose of taobmans, the dusty Violet, the snow goose and the snow princess.Ideal for Rennie, the bedroom is the Haymes new skin palette.
"(It will) create a feeling of being shrouded in the bedroom at night," she said ."."From mineral soft blue to deep blue and gray, these colors create a comfortable feeling like an old pair of jeans.Haymes trempeau is a beautiful color that can be used in the bedroom to create the ideal space for relaxation and comfort in winter.
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