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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10
Being a runner over 40 brings me new interest (and attention) on the road and, more importantly, in my training and off-road recovery.I love running and it's great to see research on older runners...Research from Stanford University shows that running can slow down aging, and research from Yale University shows that older marathon runners (especially women) have increased running time than younger marathon runners.
I would like to share some insights and tips I have learned in this process.Many of these women's running skills can be applied to all runners, but over time we will grow older, smarter, and perhaps faster, and they will certainly accept a new perspective...

1.Plus mileage: slow!Use the 10% rule.No more than 10% miles per week.Here's a more detailed explanation and chart from FitSugar.
2.Warm-up: The body needs time to exercise as it grows older, giving it time to help avoid injuries.See the "perfect warm-up" of the runner world ".
3.Cross-Training: necessary for any runner, but with age, the relationship between gendersTraining and running become more important.For different, low impact, crossoverTraining options, please see our recent post on water running (or pool running.Core exercises have become another essential exercise, here are some good exercises from the world of runners.
4.Strength training: There's a lot of information about weight lifting and strength training, but as you get older, it's important to be careful to start in the "right" way.The running planet did a great job of making "eight rules for strength training.There are some great videos on our resource page.
5.Stretching/yoga: Another must-have Program for aging runners (this has certainly been debated by many ).Dara Torres proved this in her Olympic efforts, which shocked all of us.She insists on a strict resistance stretching system (see before)Do family stretching with Dara Torres ).I'm not a huge fan of yoga, but here's a good article about the runner world about an ITB injured runner who didn't like yoga at first and then turned into a convertI always swear unharmed LDF with power yoga ("Long distance friend ")!
6.Rest: this has become one of the most important parts of my training.If I don't get enough rest, my body will start to collapse.Listen to your body very carefully.
7.Massage: another Dara Torres staple and one of my personal favorites.It doesn't matter if you have a good husband like me, or get it from a professional, it can relieve stress on training and fatigue muscles.You can even do it yourself with some videos of "athlete self-massage" written by Rich Poley.
8.Set a goal: have a goal or a game to work on, which makes the training purposeful and keeps me focused.
9.Training Plan: A small plan can go a long way.If possible, try to plan your training and run on softer surfaces like trails, dirt roads, grass parks, and even tracks.There are several good programs on our resource page.There's a lot of good outside.-Find one that suits you.
10.Track: most marathon training programs will include track work as it helps to develop fast twitch muscles and increase speed and lung capacity during the race...Getting older doesn't mean less competitive :) it does make a difference to me if I'm training for a marathon, especially later in the race.Good article from the world of runners called "running in circles ".
11.Injury/recovery: this is hard for me because I have experienced a lot...At the age of 46, I still like to run fast.There are several common injuries to running, and I think I 've all been injured.Please see the post "back from injury.I have learned to recognize the warning signal of my body and back off.Many of these tips (such as rest, diet, stretching/yoga, massage, weight/BMI, correction, etc.) are designed to help avoid injury or recovery.
12.Running with music: Running with music can help motivate and provide the necessary distractions.I also understand the importance of BPM (Beats Per Minute) and make sure that if you're listening to a song, Don't be too slow and don't unconsciously slow you down.
13.Weight/BMI: The body mass index (BMI) seems to be low for fast marathon athletes.The Marathon Guide has a tool to quickly calculate BMI.Knowing your body mass index can help you find the "correct" body mass index for the best running performance.See also the post: "What is the BMI of women marathon athletes?
14.Running in different types of weather: I am not a treadmill runner, so I will run outside of a snowstorm.With the right clothing layer, this is possible.However, if you take part in the fall contest in the summer, be careful about the difference in the weather.The weather during the game may be different from when training.If you can't run 17 miles as you think, don't be discouraged when you're 80High temperature and humidity of 90 degrees.
15.Travel running: Be sure to bring running shoes!Some of my best running routes are monuments to parks, city views, and beaches.Now the hotel will provide you with maps (and sometimes runners) to guide you.With the help of MapMyRun, you can find a route from anywhere.Take a look at some of our travel operations posts.
16.Running and sex: this is an interesting article, quoting an Israeli scientist who declared that "women compete better after the climax, especially after the climax --Jumpers and runners...Who am I arguing with Israeli scientists?
17.Fatallake training: a sports fitness consultant has some good advice on how to incorporate it into your training..If you don't know what fartlek is, check out 10 k truth.Com \ "Runnerspeak-Run a dictionary of terms and other sports terms ").

18.Type of diet: adhere to a healthy dietbalanced, low-High carb fat, whole grain diet has always been my best choice.I like delicious smoothies (see Post \ "smoothies operator--Fast nutrition training meal during training.Here is an interesting article with good suggestions for a cool run diet called "runner's diet ".
19.Hydration: it used to be all the water and Gatorade for me, but now I don't want the same heat as I get older.I chose a low-calorie replacement such as an electrolyte powder mixture (see post: "Water Log: hydration and road recovery options for runners ").
20.Eating after running: The window for eating after running is small, but important.

21.Running clothes/bras: running clothes I like to exercise-But this is obviously a personal preference.A good running bra will help a lot...Avoid using cotton at all costs.I learned that running skirts are the most polarized of all clothing items.However, if you like to wear a dress, check out the Skirtchaser race collection...looks like fun!
22.Running shoes/socks: running shoes are very personal. The only way to really find a pair of shoes is to go to the running store and keep trying them on until you find a pair of shoes that feel comfortable.There are plenty of shoe guides for different types of feet that help narrow down.Learn about the front spin and choose the shoe that suits you if you have a positive front spin, a lack of front spin (or back spin) or an excessive (or excessive) front spinPronunciation is the key.The world of runners has a good article and a video of pronunciation.I changed my shoes once.I changed three pairs for marathon training (used to be two pairs, but now three pairs due to foot problems ).Here is the "Spring 2009 running shoes guide" for the runner world ".Asics Gel Kayano 15 is the winner of the "Edit selection" and also the shoes I use.
Measure your feet: the size of your feet may gradually change as you age.
Shopping later in the day: your feet will be slightly larger over time.
Corrective tics and socks: put on the socks you use and bring corrective tics when trying on shoes.Find \"dry-Not cotton socks, but Wick socks.
Most shoes for you are 300-500 miles.Track mileage (see #24-Running Log).Changing shoes can avoid unnecessary damage.Check the wear and tear in the sole and shoe.
Local running shop: find a good shop specializing in running shoes.Bring your old shoes when looking for new ones.A good running shoe expert should be able to view old shoes and pay attention to wear/fit when choosing the right new ones.As for the return policy, many stores will let you run in your shoes and return them if they cause problems.Once you have found the shoes that fit you, you may find the shoes again --Line up in places like runner's Warehouse (bold speed readers can get a 15% discount), backlogs or Holabird Sports.
Wear shoes and rest: Don't wear new shoes in the marathon, be sure to have time to put it in.However, it feels good when you buy a new shoe and try it on.
Thumb-Width: there is a thumb width between your longest toe end and the end of the shoe.To make sure there was space in the toe box, I wore a larger 1/2 size.
Get medical advice: If you have problems with your feet all the time, please get advice from a medical professional.Believe me, it may be painful to wait for 1 feet cure.Don't wait to get help and make the time longer.

23.Correction: I have too much pronunciation to live without these.If you have a problem with the foot (plantar fasciitis, healing bone spurs, severe overpronation or insufficient pronation, etc ).), I suggest going to see a sports doctor and using correction as your new sole
24.Running log: memory is not one of my strongest assets, so there is a log that keeps track of my training: weekly mileage, meals, shoes purchase (so I know when to return shoes) favorite route/running, etc.
25.Running watch/GPS: I'm more of a Zen master in essence (I 'd rather not wear a watch than calculate the speed per mile )...But last year's New York marathon changed that for me.I went out too fast and ended up having a hard time.I'm wearing one more now.There are great watches and GPS devices (see The New York Times article) that can easily calculate the speed/time/distance.Another option for the marathon is to use the "Pacers" in the race "...This is the marathon pace team information for Clif Bar.
26.Running bag: see "what's in your running bag?
27.Chaffing: avoid blisters, use body taxi, Vaseline or new Asics Chafe for free.Suitable for any place of friction...Feet, nipples, etc.For more information on Asics, see "end of running race?
28.Ipod: must have for runners (even if you need to borrow from your child ).I understand why a lot of runners don't like to use in a race, but if you like music, it could be a great way to relax and move on (the ipod is now allowed in some races, see "music on my ears ").Be sure to choose the song that suits your rhythm/BPM.
29.Reading about running: There are many wonderful books about running outside, and it is interesting to read.They can inspire you and inspire you.There are some posts on our Amazon store.

30.Search for races: a marathon guide or Racevine can help you find marathons and other shorter races.Not only did the sites list the matches, they also rated them.
31.Race for charity: Runners raise millions of dollars a year for charity.If you take someone into account when running mileage, this can make the game more meaningful.Supporting a good business can also be a way of selling.out race.
32.Marathon/half run for more magazines-The marathon (they have the best fair), the Zooma women's race series, the Nike Women's Marathon and Jane Run are just the only races for a few women.They are fun, lively and more polite than colleagues
33.Speed up your game: it's helpful to know your game goals and make it easy to split the miles.PaceTat is a durable, lightweight (actually weightless) and unobtrusive way to track your speed while racing.These are simple transfers you apply for before the race and show your mileage split goals in a clear large font.Good idea, only $2.00 -$2.99 per turnOr take this easy and free route from Clif Bar.
34.Speed up to 40/beat your PR: There are a lot of articles about how women get older and women get faster and stay there (see ABC News article for Yale studies ).With the accumulation of experience, we run more efficiently.We know that like many of the suggestions we have listed here, run tangents, be prepared, and read the tips.As children grow older, we also have more time to train.
35.Boston/Boston times qualifying: Boston is a great and tough game.Running it is an honor.This is not a must not be missed if you meet the conditions.Check out some of our posts about the Boston Marathon.Check the qualifying time of the Boston Marathon.
36.Match day Survival Kit: you don't want any surprises at the last minute of match day.There is a match day kit that will help you to know that you are ready and keep you focused on the game.Let's say you're already wearing clothes, shoes, watches, etc...You need something more.There are two options...You can use \ "check-In the bag you have to waitLine up to pick up claims or use a "one-time bag" that only takes the necessities and can be thrown ".
Extra clothes: It's nice to have extra tops, shorts and socks to change after the game.
Sunglasses and sunscreen: you will be glad you have these if the weather is hot and sunny.
Towel towels: there may be a shower at the end of the game, but even if not, it's nice to have to drop the Towel.



Big garbage bag: it would be helpful if it was windy or rainy before the race, or just sitting on it.
Wet wipes: useful annoying doors,

During the race, use the safety pin to keep a couple with you.

Wet wipes: useful annoying doors,
Old clothes thrown away: jerseys or long clothessleeve shirt.Most competitions donate discarded clothes to charity.

___ Magazine: It's nice to catch up with Vanity Fair while waiting to start :) put the garbage in before you start.
Big garbage bag: it would be helpful if it was windy or rainy before the race, or just sitting on it.
During the race, use the safety pin to keep a couple with you.

37.Make time for yourself: Running = sanity.Alone or with friends, it has a magical healing result that lasts all day.I found it best to do it early in the morning because I knew I would run and the "Daily Necessities" during the day wouldn't get in the way of me.
38.Running Group: One of my LDFs and I always joke about how we will write a book about the nuances of running groups.Finding friends to share running is a great thing to do that can help you stay motivated and enjoy the company that comes with running.
39.Running websites/blogs: There are a lot of things on the Web right now that you can use to run suggestions, training, and support...Look at our blog.This is a good time to run.If you do not receive an automatic emailSend an update email at a bold speed, don't miss it!Or, come to our RSS feed if you want.
40.Beyond your limit: I have to add this because I give my son this reason every time he asks me why I run..."Running for me is to exceed the limits of my heart ".He is very logical and always can answer...\ "The restrictions are clear--You can't surpass them "...I always wanted to prove him wrong.
Maybe it's fresh air or time to work with LDFs for a theme, but there's already some deep experience from running.My LDF Heidi and I have decided that our children need to know everything about the life we can relate to running.Maybe the manual of life in production?There is always one in this book...\ "Decided to run.
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