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green and black sweatshirt metro-sexual man and proud of it - free article courtesy ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10
You know what straight sex is.You must have heard of homosexuality.There are urban men now.Metro-sexual?That\'s right;This is the latest species or classification of human beings.
Hollywood is full of subways.sexual men.Will Smith and Tom Cruise are the best examples.Now, more and more people in cities and towns are walking up and down with their heads held high and proud of their sexy city.
Remember to be big-Do real men eat egg cakes?Now, not only are they eating egg rolls, but they are also wearing a salmon-colored dress shirt;Manicure and pedicure;Highlight the hair;Visit the tanning salon frequently;And are enjoying the overall change.Women absolutely love it!
Enter the Montel Williams Show.The wife complained that the husband had a beard for the past 23 years and was wearing the same jeans and jerseys so that his pants could walk on their own.He is in the warp of an era, still wearing a barracuda and hanging a dangling chain on his wallet.After the business break: Tada!Clean up, tighten, shave and let the husband come out on stage, the little wife fell down when her chin fell to the floor!She\'s shocked!She can't believe her eyes!This person is very hot!Her boring, mud-buzzing husband has stepped into the new millennium in the last 20 years (finally!) and Mrs.Can't wait to be alone with her new, progressive man!
This may be a episode, but with the increase in the number of people, metro-Sex men are appearing.Note guys, you probably don't want Montel to do a full and thorough overhaul at the same time on his show.Start with a new hair and go to some highlights.Don\'t worry;There are other men in the salon who have tin paper on their hair.It is becoming more and more common.Next, let a good manicurist grab your claws.Complete in small incremental steps.You will adapt better to this idea, and women in your life will love to grow up with you as new you.
Ladies, you have to clean up some bathroom space.Your new metro-All products for sex men require drawer and shower space."He is now moisturizing, conditioning, gel, relaxing, maxin and relaxation.This is acceptable for women.It's time for these people!

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