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graphic hoodies for men How to Customize Zazzle Products with Existing Designs

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
What is Zazzle?
Zazzle is an online business that allows people to customize Zazzle products.
Products include: * clothing (from T-start, more than 100 different items are available for men, women and childrenShirts, jerseys, etc. * accessories (bags, hats, watch ties, buttons, key chains, handbags and more!) * Electronic Products (iphone case, device case, laptop case, skin, etc.) * card and postage (invitation letter, stamp, greeting card, postcard, etc ).) * Office Products (business cards, mouse pads, binder, labels, sticky paper, etc.) * playing cards, stickers for posters (canvas, prints, wall decals, etc.) * skateboards * bumper stickers * flip flops...
...There's more.If the artwork can be printed on it, you will most likely find the product on Zazzle.Their printing quality is very good.
Zazzle not only allows individuals to enter and upload their own photos or paintings, add text, etc., but also allows artists to create their own stores with their own designs.So if someone likes the artist Zazzle design and it's on the product they want, they can buy it.There is only a small percentage of the artist's profits.
But what most people don't realize is that those existing products can be further customized unless the artist explicitly checks an unallowed box (which, in my opinion, is a bit against the purpose of Zazzle ).Most products on Zazzle allow people to use the "custom" button, which will allow them to customize the existing artwork the way they want it.This includes adding text, phrases or someone's name, adding your own picture at the top or back of an existing picture, changing the background color when displayed, and so on.
Not only that, if you see the graphics you like on your shirt, but you want to see it on a different shirt, you can easily change to any shirt or color.This applies to most product types.
Many people are not aware of this and think they need to buy the product "as is" instead of customizing or personalizing it.
In this article, I will show you how easy it is to customize existing designs on zazzle, and if you are not familiar with Zazzle, how can you do more than you think.
All my products in Zazzle store are fully customizable.Most of them also have a transparent background, which means you can even change the background color to your liking, or even upload your own background!You can add text anytime, anywhere, and so on.
Visit the trickspender.Look at my interesting artwork!
Take a look at the picture above.Here is a screenshot of my postcard on the website (the picture is on many different products, but for simplicity I think I will use a basic postcard ).I placed a red arrow pointing out where the "Customize It" button is because this is where all magic happens.After clicking this button, you will see something displayed on the right side, and a dotted line appears around the image that allows you to move or resize it.

(1) allows you to increase the size of the view, see the red boundary line to keep the image, and undo and redo the changes made.
(2) If you click on the image, you can move it, or if you grab one of the dots, you can resize the image by dragging the mouse.
(3) allow you to add your own text anywhere!You can use any font size and Zazzle gives you a very rich selection of font types!
(4) This is where you can add your own images (upload your own.This can be anything you want to put in a photo of someone in front or behind an existing photo, to the background texture you want to add in the background, not the yellow color you see!You can add as many images as you want.They will be layered from top to bottom, but you can move around.
(5) selecting edit will provide you with the following options: undo, redo, select all, select none, cut, copy, paste, delete, move back, and clear the sides and background.For this example, we will change the yellow background color to something else using "background.
(6) If you want to do this, choosing "arrange" gives you the option to move things (I usually just drag them manually ).It also gives you the option to rotate the selected image or text.
(7) the design area allows you to change the postcard from vertical to horizontal.Basically, it changes it from portrait type View to landscape type View.If you are going to do this for this image, you want to rotate the image accordingly and narrow it down to fit in.
(8) This is the image of the mushroom elf.If you delete it, it removes the Sprite image from the card.When you add text or other images, they are put here one by one.You can re-order them here in any way you want.So if you want the text to go through the image, it should be on it (before it ).If you want something behind the picture, it should go after it.
(9) these are other options for rotation, contraction, or expansion, etc.I'm not too worried about these options right now, but they are there if you want to use them.
Now we will focus on how to shrink or move images, how to change the background color, how to add your own background and how to add text!
Suppose you like this art, but you want a different color for the background color.This is easy to do.
After clicking the Customize button, find the edit button, go to the boot of the list that appears, and select background ".
This will provide you with a color tray that you can choose from the background.
Select a color and scroll down and select finish ".
In the example above, I chose a charcoal blue-ish color.
Easy right?This can be done for almost all of my products, although I would suggest not to do this for the shirt as you 'd better just change the color of the shirt instead of the color block behind the image.You can use any color you want, white or black.Try it yourself!
Adding text is very simple.Just click the Add text button (1 ).This will pop up a text box where you can type what you want and click finish ".After that, it just moves around the text, changing problems such as size, font and color.
(1) This is what you click to add the text.I added "Happy Mushroom Festival" because I can't think of anything too witty to put on, but you can add someone's name, or anything real.
(2) change the font size.You can also do this by dragging text using corner points.
(3) change to the color of the text.I made a light blue with a dark blue background.
(4) change the font.When you click on this, you can try the font list.Some are cool.For this, I used a font called "Ryan.
(5) like an image, you can either drag the text with the mouse or resize it.Play this to feel it.
(6) If you want to change the text you type, just click on this button and it will let you simply change the text.For example, I decided to have a "happy" event after "mushroom day!\ "Appears under it.
You can play with fonts, colors and sizes until your heart content.This really allows you to personalize the product on Zazzle.Please keep in mind that the price will not change.It's the same whether you customize it or not!
While it may not be necessary to change the size of the sample image, I will still do so to show how easy it is.
To narrow it down, all I did was grab a corner with the mouse and drag.Or I can enlarge it so that the face of the elf takes up the whole postcard.I decided to make it smaller.
To move the image, just grab it in the middle of the image and drag it to where you want it!
Easy as 1, 2, 3.
You can easily add your own images to the existing design of Zazzle.Just click the Add image button and upload it.I suggest making the background transparent unless you don't mind having a square box behind it (which works as well) and saving the imagePNG file.If you don't have software like photoshop, you can do this with free software like Gimp.
After uploading, you can resize it, move it, or move it to the front or background.On top I quickly added images of my doggie Mia and put her in the background...It's like she's secretly approaching the elf.
Pay attention to the mi_test it says.Png, under the elf image.If I wanted Mia to stand in front of the Genie, I would simply drag that image so it comes first.
You can imagine the possibilities here if you have time.Maybe put a picture of the child at the back, front, bottom or side of a very cool graphic on Zazzle!
If you don't like a solid color background, use the same technique as adding a dog image above, you can add your own texture.
Look at the background texture I added on the postcard.The point here is that you are not limited to the artwork in the store.You can customize the artwork to your liking in any way you want and make it truly personalized.
Or, if you like the artwork now, you can leave it there and buy it like this.It's up to you, the cost will not change anyway.
You may notice that the back of many products is also fully customizable.Any type of card, for example.For the postcard above, you can customize this side until your heart is satisfied too.Maybe you want to create a full postcard note or message on this side or add an image.Just like you use the same technology in front of the postcard!
Once the creation is complete, just select the quantity, add to the cart, and check out.You can also save your creation and check out later.
Is my mushroom elf cute?
Want to know how to draw super cute for yourself?

Take a look at some of my customizable Zazzle products!

Let me know your experience with custom design or if you want to try it out.Please let me know if this article is any help.Or just say hello, of course!
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