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graphic hoodies for men A Look That Works / BC Ethic's retro line for men salutes solid blue-collar style, and celebrities are buying it

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-19
graphic hoodies for men A Look That Works / BC Ethic\'s retro line for men salutes solid blue-collar style, and celebrities are buying it
2000-03-04:00:00 Los Angeles-PDT-In the fashion world --BC ethics is an important index of celebrity attractiontime success.Southern California menswear brand's vintage-Inspired shirt--For vintage lounge for IS will not lessThe lizard looks like a dirty martini.-Already seen on the backs of Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Matthew Perry and pop band members, such as the Goo Doll, Ms. Barenaked and SmashAccording to financial standards, 8-year-"Money, baby, old company.BC ethics representing "blue""Collar ethics" last year sold more than $18 million in stores from Pacific sunsuit to Neiman Marcus.The company recently acquired Dawes and Latz, some of its junior brands.But something's gone.-It can be said that the Olive at the end of the silver cocktail selection ---That's why the company spent more than $100,000 on its first fashion show in New York last month.This is also an opportunity for West Coast brands to win respect on the East Coast."The editors there think we are all surf companies.We want to be taken seriously as a house designed, "said Ty Bowers, designer and creative director at BC Ethic, which is based in Vernon (Los Angeles County ).The show also allows the company to showcase its complete product line."Every retailer buys part of our product line and they don't see the whole concept," company president Jeffrey Schaffer said in a recent interview ."."Fashion Show is a way to show buyers and the media that we have a world --class product."Even if some industry insiders are discussing the relevance of fashion shows in large retail markets,Brands such as The Gap and Banana Republic, smaller companies such as BC ethics, selling clothing, Mecca America Custo Barcelona is to collect them to New York, hope to give highFashion organizations run for money."It's impossible for us to have Calvin Klein and Armani forever."They won't be the fashion focus for young people," Bowles said ."."Young people want to buy from companies that are opening up new areas.In the past few years, many small companies have created something, but they have appeared in the ranks of other designers.It's time for new blood."With Jane's addictive music ringing in the background, the Los Angeles showroom at BC Ethic is more of a hangout than an office.The four founders have their own expertise.Shafer is in charge of finance, James Huber is in charge of marketing, Mark Zacher is in charge of sales, Bowers is creative director and fashion designer.Forty-year-old Schaffer grew up in Santa Monica, attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and received a master's degree in business administration from Northern Arizona State University.Huber, 37, is a farm boy in Washington.turned-Fashion models who used to run their own sports marketing company.Zacher, 41, is a native of Seattle with more than 20 years of sales experience and the broadest retail background.Bowles, 40, never thought he would become a fashion designer when he moved from Thunder to Los Angeles to become a graphic designer.BC ethics was originally named blue collar, BC er said, but, "We didn't really try to attract (blue collar)"Although we are trying to create a line that symbolizes the professional ethics of employees aged 1940 and 50," he said .".Shaffer said he was fascinated by the blue.White-collar workers during business school.He said: "In the past, people in uniform were respected, but now they are treated as garbage."BC ethics is a kind of respect.Shafer met Bowers when consulting the business-to-Find a graphic designer to create a logo and land in the business yellow pages of his office.The two soon became friends, and Shaffer persuaded Bowles to try the costume design.After the start of a few bugs, BC Ethic has mastered the unified look after the update and is starting to focus onwork wear."We realized blue."White-Collar workers may wear gas station uniforms all day, but the uniforms they wear at night are as cool as their hot sticks and bowling clubs," Collar said ."."Especially in California, the automotive culture of 1940 and 50 years old is very rich in color and design.Bowles and Schaffer exchange and thrift shop for retro inspiration.The resulting design is a modern interpretation of the James Dean jacketWaist dress pants, sweater set and bowling shirt with pattern of mouse bag and tiki culture.With the revival of the emerging swing, this look is particularly good.BC Ethic put on clothes for the leading band Royal Crown Revue in this trend, and put on clothes in the movie "Swing."Sales soared as rocking children flocked to the dance floor in the middle1990s.But since the lounge was yesterday's news (again), Bowles was even cautious about using the word "retro" to describe BC's ethics, for fear that the brand would be classified."This is no longer a good voice," he said .".For core customers of BC, retro-The boss of London's La Rocka store, British designer Lloyd Johnson's inspired shirt was launched at an exhibition in New York, in addition to the more modern cargo pants-motocrossThe design was inspired by a shirt, polyurethane and leather car coat.In terms of marketing, Huber, who referred to BC Ethic as "entertainment company", continues to inject new talent into the brand, including breaking bands such as voodoo's Glowing Skull, street luge racing driver Dennis drummeire, pro skier Paul Longfellow and Los Angeles DJ Jason Bentley."Jim found a group of people who liked the clothes," said Schaeffer ."."What they have in common is their taste for modern fashion but not gorgeous things." ..
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