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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-10
Just over 100 years ago, visionary pilots and war hero Lieutenant John Clifford Peel were shot and killed in France during World War I.When he died, he was only 24 years old and never knew that a detailed letter he wrote to Pastor John Flynn would be the blueprint for Flynn's "flying doctor" program.The vision of these people has led to the establishment of an Australian agency that has been providing emergency aviation medical and primary health care services to inland communities for the past 90 years.
The Royal Flight Doctor Service in Tasmania gives peace of mind to people living in every corner of the state.Very few Tasman people don't know people who have to quickly cross state or interstate to receive care.Its free outreach service, which provides much needed dental treatment, rural health workers, physical health programs and mental health support, has become crucial for people living in remote rural areas of the state.
After World War I, there is a medical service every two minutes to help someone in Australia.Victorian medical student Lieutenant Peelxa0Pastor John Flynn's keen reader of the northern and central Australia-call the church.According to his family, this has inspired his interest in Flynn's extraordinary work and has allowed him to think about how Flynn can help people in need distributed across Australia.
When the Imperial Australian Army is looking for their new candidate --Peel formed an Australian flying mission in 1917, volunteered to participate and was selected as a flight training at the Central Flying School in leffton, Victoria.At the time of lafton, the aviation and healthcare alliance appeared in the mind of Pitt.He sent me a letter.xa0Start.Flynn suggested a plane.xa0It was a very novel machine.xa0Can bring health care to the countryExpansion of inland Australia.
Flynn wrote with interest, triggering a famous and detailed letter from Lt Peel sent on November 20, 1917 on the HMAT Nestor ship to the UK.With excellent insight, Lt Peel outlines the cost and advantages of running a plane compared to the cost and disadvantages of ground travel.Unfortunatelyxa0September 19, 1918xa0Just 13 months after he sent the letter, weeks before the end of World War I,xa0Lieutenant Peel's RE8 plane went missing while patrolling France.
If he is alive, there is no doubt that he will come back from the war to help Rev.Flynn built the flight doctor service he had clearly foreseen.However, Lieutenant Peel successfully conveyed his good idea to Rev.
Flynn, who can take it to the length of a legacy living in the next month's yearThe inventor of the Sun Harvester, Hugh Mackay, a supporter of the times.Reported that a "trial"xa0In Queensland's lonely place, air services began.xa0The priest.Flynn and Alfred Tegra, who is on the stampedeWireless power companies in western Queensland are making arrangements.
In May 17, 1928, pilot Arthur Affleck was finally at Rev.Flynn's first flight ambulance was rented from the new Longreach.Qantas, based on Bush AirlinesFounded by Sir Wilmot Hudson Fisher of Launceston.
While Peel did not have the opportunity to work directly for RFDS, his legends, inspiration and forward thinking inspired continuous progress and innovation.Today's Royal Flight medical service has 67 aircraft, providing emergency aviation medical and basic primary care to more than 280,000 patients per day.Aviation is still new, but it makes some of us start thinking and try to think.
Maybe others want to think too.
So these notes.
The first question to ask must be, "Is it safe?"xa0...... There is indeed danger, in the interior, there is the possibility of being trapped in the desert without food and water ......xa0In fact, all flights over the past three years have been military flights, and people have and are taking very unnecessary risks in future commercial or private aviation;If we study the existing records and deduct the accidents that occur when the pilot is not well developed on enemy territory, we will find that the mileage of each unfortunate flight is very large, although the number of accidents per airport is very small every year.
Just like every new adventure, there are initial difficulties in building a plane inland.One of the first and biggest is the cost.When it reaches inland, everything is precious. the problem to be solved is: which is the least precious?In this calculation, we must calculate the time, personnel, materials and efficiency in pounds, shillings and pence .
..... Capital expenditure in Europe (according to a prominent authority in the UK) before a car can run, 6000 pounds kilometers per mile, 24,000 pounds kilometers per mile for a train, and 600 pounds kilometers per mile for a plane.The problem of overhaul and overhaul has brought another great difficulty ...... In some areas, landing sites can bring some difficulties, but they can be found where needed.
Inland working machines need to have a large radius of action, suchStop running for at least 700 miles so that the fuel carrying capacity will be large as shown in the table below.Many of these difficulties and many others are very large because we look at them from a distance, but as aviation advances and the more general use of cars, many will disappear automatically.Advantages.From the time and space table below, we will soon learn about the advantages of aviation services.
A machine travels 90 miles an hour, and Darwin is less than 12 and a half hours from oodndatta (excluding stops.The benefits of seeing this require little imagination
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