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floral hooded sweatshirt essential survival gear for elk hunting -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
Imagine this scene;You and your friends hunt elk in the Rocky MountainsYou return to the truck in the evening after a full day of hiking with 30 # daypack.Wow!Finally, the weight of the shoulder is really a relief!You are sitting on a truck returning to the camp and find a small group of elk with two bulls.These elk are traveling so you have to move fast to get to a place 100 yards away to shoot.
You have a knife in your pocket or belt and extra shells in your pocket.Oh!Pick up the range machine, the shooting Rod and the telescope.We only go there. that's all we need...You can see the last elk disappear in time in the woods.
You notice that the trees are driving hundreds of yards in their direction, with a small "thorn" ridge extending from the ridge where you are, and it looks like a good location to shoot.You got there and they were in range but the trees were too thick to shoot clearly or there was a cow on the road.There's still an hour of day left, so you keep tracking, just make sure you'll end up getting hit.
The next thing you know is that you lost the elk and it was dark.Oops -Forgot to bring the light.In fact, you don't have a lighter or a fire burner, no water, no food, you're wearing a lightweight hooded jersey.No matter -The truck is here.You walk and stumble on sticks and rocks.It's completely dark now and you finally admit you're not sure where the truck is.
The elk had a way to confuse the Hunter, cast a shadow over his judgment, and led him astray.Like the legend of the sailor and the siren of the Piper.It is easy to find yourself in this dilemma.
In this case, the Hunter had a long, cold, sleepless night, and found the way back to the truck the next morning, and it would not be worse to wear.This is likely to be a fatal mistake.Here's what you can do to make sure you survive the next elk hunt;Whether it's the waist/Fanny, the little shoulder or the backpack, you have to have a small accessory bag.Many "module" type packages have a small removable package.
This is an ideal system that makes it easy to make sure you have the basic essentials to survive overnight in one place.This package must be small or you may choose not to bring it.No matter how short a distance or time you plan to get from a truck or CAM, bring it with you --Your life may depend on it.
A cigar or cigarette lighter and a magnesium fire starter.Fire start-up material or tender is good but optional.LED headlights and a set of extra batteries.
It's also a good idea to carry small flashlights such as mini flashlightsMag in the belt sheath.A bottle of water and a filter straw or filter cartridge.A medium weight black plastic of 4 "x6" or larger.
This can be used for lean production.
Avoid the wind, rain or snow, or use it as a "ground" cloth.It also does a good job of keeping pine needles and dirt off the meat while gnawing an elk in the ground.Compass and/or GPS.The compass is more suitable for this small package, but be sure to pack two more batteries if you choose GPS.
A small pocket.
Size of first aid kit.
Some of them will even include compass and other tools.Paracord -10\' minimum.There are so many uses for Paracord that this is a must.Recommend some granola cereal sticks or small bag trail mix but not absolutely necessary.
You can not eat for a few days if you have.Lastly -Self-sealing bag with several paper towels.These will be used for toilet paper, clean bloody hands and arms, mediocre fire start-up materials and wound dressings.
If wet towels are still availableNot the same as toilet paperIf you wear it properly, there is a knife in your pocket or on your belt, like most hunters, which is all the survival gear you need to survive relatively comfortably in the short term.If you are not prepared for the elk, there are many elk hunting scenes that can lead to your death.If you have a small package that contains a short list of this basic survival gear, you will most likely rush to grab it to catch up with that Bull, with it, there is almost a guarantee that you will live a night or two in most cases, whether you are forced to spend the night or just choose to resume the day hunting.
Smart Packing, smart hunting, hard hunting.Most importantly, enjoy your precious time in the Elk ForestFree and confident you are ready to survive the adventure of pursuing the majestic seductive "forest Ghost
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