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fleece sweatshirt how to dress up your sorority sweatshirts?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-06
It was really exciting to wear a brand new fraternity jersey for the first time.Every new design can bring a frenzy that can only come when a piece of clothing somehow appears...It was really exciting to wear a brand new fraternity jersey for the first time.Every new design can bring about a frenzy that can only come when a piece of clothing has some sort of connection to your tribe on campus.But, maybe you're the one who likes to add your personal sense of fashion to the same jersey design your fraternity sisters are wearing at the same time.Maybe you just like to go with your daily outfit, but don't know how to design casual fraternity jerseys.In any case, here's a handy guide to dress up your fraternity jersey.Sisters, take out the color!When you're wearing a fraternity jersey with a hat, any accessories you might add look a little out of place.So how do you increase the style shop when you wear an indigo hoodie or a dark red jersey?Of course, there are colors!Coat your nails in neon pink with indigo or dark blue fraternity jerseys.For Maroon and other red, you can choose either gold or black.Even better, add a little silver or gold glitter nail polish to the black nail polish.When wearing a color like salmon pink or peach, don't flinch and keep your nails low-key Brown.Go all out with bold and neon tones in contrast tones.If your hat top doesn't look like anything else is right, decorate your lips in bright colors.Choose the glossy shades of purple and red with black, gray and other light colors-Color jerseyIf you're wearing red, orange, or brick, then apply your lips in a smooth nutmeg tone for a truly seductive effect.Some jewelry does not hurt either.If you're wearing a fraternity jersey with a wide collar, you have more room to add color to your outfit with some jewelry.For example, if you're wearing a gray wool jersey, fold up your sleeves and show some stacked bracelets.Including purple red, leaf green, lemon yellow, dark blue and other colors, of course, there are good old black.With a wide collar, you can also add earrings to the match.Choose a basketball with a dark color or dangling earrings-Women's Association jerseys.Add attachments, but to the minimum.When you match the right jersey, the accessories you choose will have a miracle.From Headscarves to hats, sunglasses, and even Fanny's bags are available.The headscarf can work well on the wide collar line, while it is best to match the headband with the hooded sweatshirt.Tote bag with no hood jersey.But the backpack and the hat backpack are the best.A black or red tote bag can add the right amount of pep to your gray top while choosing a bright color for the rest.Go out with a print or two hats-toned designs.With a little effort, zing can be easily added to the fraternity jersey.
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