fleece hoodie An inordinate fear of no water

by: INGOR     2019-08-20
fleece hoodie An inordinate fear of no water
Looks simple, even a little romantic, a little AmericanI want to buy some property.Northward.Woodsy.Sexy Cool modern.This is the sweetest and most perfect resort ever, about an hour or two from San Francisco, and more wooded areas in Sonoma or Napa County, far enough to quell the roar of the city, but not far away, can breathe in all the noiseGas from the regional meth lab, or the eccentric king of marijuana in Mendocino, fired a gun.Are you asking too much?A modest home-slash-Rest on a few acres and maybe can accommodate several yoga students and/or writers for a long weekend where civilization can reach but not very snobbish and you can't run around naked, covered in chocolate, bourbon and dreams, all in the budget of the columnist/yoga teacherYou know, like this (Tom Kundi!This may be the case.No obvious problem.1: I don't work for Google, Oracle or FaceTwitChat, so I didn't reach my soft fleece hoodie in the tech industryI can throw cash everywhere like a monopoly currency;I don't even have an extra $2 million to buy a closet.Size apartment in mission.It makes things a little rough.But I don't suffer.A little realistic.Even if the price has jumped closer, there are still many lovely opportunitiesAlmost all places have the same temperature.From what I have seen so far, my modest budget has limited me to places that are a little hard to understand and a little rough.Hewn, a bit of a need for their aging septic system, rough landscape and always important maintenance in springfed water.Wait, what?Yes, water.An imminent problemUnexpected fearWater-or rather, the potential lack-is something I didn't realize when I started searching that I would be very worried about.But now?This is almost inevitable.The problem is, I work in the media.I see these stories every day.Every day I read the report, scanned the chart, and was stunned by the chart showing almost the entire state of California-not to mention the large areas of the world-soaked with dark purple or blood red, hovering between "severe drought", "abnormal drought" and "OMG"cked."You know, this past could be the hottest time ever in the world?Did you see that Mumbai is only 110 degrees ...... Morning 1:00?Do you know that global warming is no longer a preventable possibility, but an extremely cruel reality?The brutal drought in the southwest is just beginning.Given that the poor winter snow has disappeared, and therefore the fire danger has reached ridiculous levels, what about the fact that California's record drought is getting worse and worse?There is no more fire season in itself.This is just an ongoing threat that will never end.The facts are chaotic, threatening, mixed and conflicting.What do you believe?How scared and anxious are there?Forget the soaring real estate prices.Is it too risky to buy a rural property here?How long have these wells and springs dried?Until the Great Lake no longer feeds the reservoir?Until the fire is out of control?Do you know that just in the past January, before the meager rainfall finally arrived, there is a possibility that 17 counties in California will be completely short of water in two to four months?It's hard to know where to find the answer.I do know, for example, that the flow of CA 85% is going to agricultural enterprises.Most of them are used to grow grains, feed industrial cattle, and supply them quickly.Food addiction and overconsumption of beef.The basic principle is: to save the most water?Don't eat so much meat.And almonds.And California rice.And so on.Cute.Tell the farmers now.Still, San Francisco has just launched a "sexy" new waterSave the ad campaign and encourage urbanites to cut 10% "fast" in the shower, it's all cute and fun until you know that San Francisco actually uses the least amount of water in any major county in the state, less than the fifth per capita drinking capacity of Sacramento.For those ridiculous lawns, golf courses, and swimming pools, even the gluttony of Sacto is half the Palm Desert.But all of California's urban residents add up to far less than the amount of water used by large agricultural enterprises-in general, they have little or no regulation at all.The bottom line is: even if SF cuts 10%, we only save 1% of the total?Two?Just last week I was kayaking on the Russian River, and although the water level was low and less than 1 feet deep in many places, it was still all kinds of beauty, and at this time of year the river should roar.Baker's canoe rental, which has been in operation for generations, says it hasn't been so bad for 40 years.They should know.These numbers are strange and confusing.Tom Stienstra, who wrote the Chronicle outdoor column in 100, has just visited many of the state's most popular lakes.He found that most of them were well below normal levels, some even disastrous, but he still managed to find 25 (one of 125) and they were almost 100% complete, original andIt all has to do with controlling runoff, drainage, dams, who gets what, who steals what, who owns power and power, and political influence.How to deal with all this?How to properly understand the real risks, false alarms, ominous and seemingly imminent potential crashes?Not that bad of course.We must be good for at least the next few years.Of course, those natural springs that feed all the rural property in the north, those that have been flowing since the first settlers, before I was too old to take care, I still have enough money to maintain a small home in the forest for ten or three years, until a long time ago I moved to Costa Rica, Bali or Portland.Right?It's not a blue state. maybe the rain will come back.Perhaps next year, possibly (mild) El Nino will save California in the next few years.Perhaps Lake mendociano and Lake Sonoma are essential to the areas I am most interested in, both of which are already well below half the normal level and will not dry up completely.What we can be sure of is that living in fear is not desirable.Building your life choices on what can happen is a stupid game.After all, the big problem in SF for decades is inevitable (still so now ).Humans are also extinct.Las Vegas will not last another 20 years.No town in the United States is at risk of some kind of natural disaster, whether it's hurricanes, floods, ice storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, locusts, snakes, reality shows, RepublicansBut water?It's a little different.This is a little ...... Cannot be solved.Irreparable.Devastating.I don't need a garden.I don't need apricot trees.Maybe just take a shower once in a while, a small hot tub, and drink something in the summer to replenish 60% of the human body.Are you asking too much?
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