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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
First of all: we know that the skin color and body of Asians are different and yellow.But the color is divided into yellow, dark, red, white, fourcolor.Then we should know exactly what type of skin color they are, and then choose the clothing according to their skin color and size.
In this colorful world, not every color is suitable for everyone.Everyone has their own choice, so how to choose the color of the clothing color Nan?1. gray skin: this kind of friend who is mainly dressed should be blue, green, purple, gray, purple and black.
Clothing, decoration, etc.
may not use white skin color, and may not use other colors such as pink and light green.2. dark color: Yichuan warm clothes.White, light gray, light red, orange.Also wear pure black clothes, with light apricot, light blue as the secondary color.Yellow-Brown or yellowThe gray face will look brighter and his face will turn into a red number if a green gray dress.
It is not matched with Lake blue, purple, blue and brown.3. the color is dark red: you can wear clothes in yellow, white or gray dawn to make the color harmonious with the color of the clothing.Avoid wearing light red, light green clothes.
color red: used as MicroWarm and full clothing, can be light brown, black and colored decoration, suitable for skin clothing or pearl color.Purple, light yellow, light green and pure white are not allowed.Because these colors canRuddy skin.In addition, light and cold colors such as light gray are not cheap.
reddish color: you can use light green, dark green or pink clothes. small flowers can wear light green --The lines of colorful clothes create a healthy and lively feeling.Avoid wearing bright green, bright blue, purple or pure red.
yellow color: avoid wearing large bright blue and purple clothes, and keep warm and light is suitable, and red cells and white clothes also have red or white ends.This will make the skin of the face more colorful.7. black and yellow skin: light-colored blends can be used, such as light beige, light gray, white, etc.
To dilute the contrast between clothing and skin color.Avoid wearing beige, green, black, etc
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