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contact Ingorsports lenses — advantages and disadvantages

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Whether you choose to wear contact lenses to correct your eyesight or as a fashion manifesto, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to using contact lenses.Here are the pros and cons categories that help you make informed decisions.Contact advantage ● The contact conforms to the curvature of the eye, providing a wider field of view, resulting in less visual distortion and obstacles than the glasses.
● Contact lenses will not get in the way during exercise and exercise.
● Contact lenses will not conflict with the clothes you wear.
● Contacts are usually not affected by weather conditions and do not fog in cold weather like glasses.
● If you want to see what you will look like with different eye colors, you can try to use color contact lenses.You can even buy special offers.Effect contacts to match your Halloween or costume!
● Some contact lenses can reshape your cornea while you are sleeping.Overnight corneal plastic surgeryK) correct myopia for the time being so that you can see clearly the next day without wearing glasses or contact lenses.Disadvantages of contact ● It is difficult for some people to wear contact lenses on their eyes (but in most cases, proper technology and practice should correct the situation ).
● Contact reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the eye and can cause or increase the severity of dry eye syndrome.
● If you work on a computer a lot, wearing contact lenses can lead to symptoms of computer vision syndrome.
● In order to avoid potential severe eye infections, contact lenses require proper lens care and lens box cleaning every day.If you are unable to commit to the care of your contacts and the recommended replacement cycle, consider the daily disposable items.
● If you accidentally fall asleep while wearing contact lenses on a daily basis, your eyes are usually dry, rough, red and annoyed when you wake up.If you find yourself falling asleep often with your contact lenses, consider extending the wearing of contact lensesSome extended wear contacts are approved for continuous wear up to 30 days.You live near Toledo, Ohio, and want to see if contact lenses are for you?Make an appointment with Vision Associates through today's visit!
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