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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Sports injury refers to the injury suffered by athletes in major or non-major sports events.In many cases, these injuries can occur to professionals and amateurs, and these types of injuries are caused by excessive use of a part of the body while participating in an activity.For example, the runner's knee is a pain condition that is usually associated with running, while the tennis elbow is a repetitive stress damage to the elbow, although this is not often the case for tennis players.
Other types of damage may be caused by hard contact with something.This usually results in a fracture or ligament or tendon tear, as seen in many contact sports such as American football, rugby and hockey.Injuries are a common situation in professional sports, where most teams have staff of sports coaches and are closely linked to the medical profession.
When the team makes a decision that could threaten the player for a long time, the dispute arises.For the long-term health of short-term interests.In some cases, motor damage can even threaten life.
All athletes are afraid of the situation, and although these injuries are serious, they are very rare.In the case of Kevin Everett's official participation in the Buffalo Bill, he suffered a serious neck injury in the first match of 06-07 season.He was carried off the court on a stretcher.
It is very doubtful whether he can survive when he is injured, let alone walk again.After several months of recovery, he was able to walk on the ticket field, and although he would never play again, thanks to the quick-action doctors and medical staff, he was able to walk and he lowered his body temperature, the spinal cord was repaired by surgical interruption.Sports injuries can be divided into trauma or overuse injuries.
Due to the dynamic and high collision nature of these sports, trauma accounts for the majority of injuries in contact sports, such as football, rugby, Australian rule football, Gaelic football and American football.These injuries include bruising and muscle strain, fracture and head injury.Bruises or bruises are injuries to small blood vessels that cause internal bleeding in the tissue.
Muscle strain is a small tear of muscle fibers, and ligament strain is a small tear of ligament tissue.In the first five days after the traumatic event, the body's response to these motor injuries is the sameinflammation.Inflammation is characterized by pain, local swelling, fever, redness and loss of function.
All these wounds cause damage to the cells that make up the soft tissue.Dead and damaged cells release chemicals that trigger an inflammatory response.Small blood vessels are destroyed and opened, and bleeding occurs in the tissue.
In the normal reaction of the body, in order to stop bleeding, a small blood clot has been formed, from which special cells (called fibrocells) begin the healing process by placing scar tissue.Therefore, the stage of inflammation is the first stage of cure.However, too many inflammatory reactions in the early stages may mean that the healing process takes longer and recovery activity is delayed or impossible.
Motor injury treatment aims to minimize the inflammatory stage of the injury, thus speeding up the overall healing process.In most cases, athletes resume their activity within the time frame the injury allows, but the injuries they suffer may have some side effects, and concussion is a good example.The study has not yet confirmed that a person will fully recover after suffering a concussion, or may lead to further brain damage if further contact occurs.
Chronic pain may also occur after the injury is cured.Many sports injuries are also caused by injuries that are too fast.In fact, athletes can cause irreversible damage to joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons by trying to "go back to the game", which can also cause athletes to be the starting of the team, so catch them back.
Pain is inherently subjective, defined by people experiencing pain, and the medical community's understanding of chronic pain now includes the brain's impact in dealing with and interpreting pain signals.Many chronic pain problems and conditions will be reversed if the injured person is given timely treatment by the athlete every day.It is wise for the health care community to focus as early as possible on physical injuries and insults, as in sports.
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