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by: INGOR     2019-08-06
One of today's many popular women's brands includes a collection of costumes that run through the sons of destiny at every concert and MTV around the world.This brand is commonly known as Delon House.In addition to their obvious children, the part that draws attention to the son of fate is their children --of-a-kind fashions.Their style sets them apart, but as a similar style, color, or costume worn by all members, they give team cohesion.Delon House is a female "sclothing" brand introduced by singer Beyoncé Knowles and her mother/stylist Tina Knowles.Each style is said to have been inspired by the three generations of women in their family, whose name is "Delon", to pay tribute to Beyonce's grandmother, agnederon.Mix of trendy clothesThe effects of jumping, such as the use of cowboys, such as ultra-fine decorations such as embroidery and folds.Beyonce said in an interview with the magazine, "I like clothes in my 70 s, my mother's clothes.I like clothes in my 40 s, which is the style of my grandmother and is very elegant.We want to draw elements from my grandmother's legacy.-Beadedyne, lush colors, fine fabrics--Mix them with the clothes of my mother and my generation.\ "On MTVs, the child of each Destiny, saw the first house of Deron for the first time.When Beyonce performs in the Children of Destiny Group, her mother Tina will design and sew their costumes, especially when the group is just beginning and they don't have much money and noBeyonce and her sister company, Knowles, have expanded their brand by launching a more affordable range of junior products for young consumers.Deront was launched in 2006.Delon's marker line is "Where the Sidewalk meets the fashion show ".The collection includes fashionable clothing such as sportswear and embroidered hoodie.Both women are models in the clothing line and feature most marketing campaigns.Suga Mama, a Beyoncé band member, appeared in a print ad in 2007.About theline's latest adventure, Beyonce and her mom designed a collection of antiques --Will provide inspired costumes in Bloomingdale.This line is based on 50-Beyonce wore a stylish outfit when she played the role of Eta James in a movie called Cadillac Records.
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