buy hooded sweatshirts San Francisco fashion merchandiser scores with chic accessories for pampered pooches

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buy hooded sweatshirts San Francisco fashion merchandiser scores with chic accessories for pampered pooches
Consumers around the world share the view that dogs should not be left behind.President and founder of SimplyShe Inc.Peevey, a fashion businessman from San Francisco, seized the wave of pet fashion and pushed designer dog products to the mass market.This is a hungry market.Wal-Mart last monthThe world's largest retailer, Mart, has cleared 16 feet of shelf space in 3,000 stores across the country, freeing up space for four pet brands from SimplyShe, pricing them --Consumers with ideas, start calling sales peopleOver $2 million in the first seven days.Peevey said, "I think it shows that the old days of the pet industry have passed, and the new doors have opened to more stylish, eco-friendly and spa --Inspiration products."Peevey has recognized the convergence of market forces.US $41 billionS.Pet Market, 63% of the United StatesS.Families with pets are growing rapidly, partly because consumers are increasingly pampering and pampering their animals on an equal footing.Many pets even become modernAccessories of the day.Baby boomers are running away from home. in the eyes of empty nesters, pets have become child-like creatures.Even the development of the spa industry is slowly developing towards the way people treat pets.Old-With this trend, school pet sellers may have been flat.Someone's product got boots from those Walmart.When SimplyShe was given a prominent position, Wal-Mart shelves began to sell.24."The world outside is cruel, but they have time ."looking 40-year-old."Here we are.We are very small, we are very fast, we are creating our own products."This is original," she said .".This is a brief introduction to SimplyShe, composed of 25 designers, product developers, account managers and other retail expertsStory building on Kearny Street near Broadway.SimplyShe also has other product lines that started seven years ago with some little facts and affirmation on the greeting cards --As Peevey said, what women say to each other about everyday experiences --But they are on hold as the company has become the country's leading pet fashion supplier.SimplyShe's pet clothing and accessories sales grew from less than $1 million in 2005 to $6 million in 2006, with an estimated $20 million in 2007.Peevey said that the private holding company expects sales of pet products designed in 2008 to be between $40 million and $60 million.Overall, the company sold nearly 700 dog fashion products in the mass marketmarket prices.The pet fashion brand signed by SimplyShe, SimplyDog, is a series of sports --Driver products for male and female dogs.It has been in Wal-Mart since 2004Including Kroger, Kmart, Safeway and Petco.Last month, Wal-Mart launched three new brands exclusively.Walmart sells in its stores: Lulu pink (dog dress, accessories, plush toys, and even beauty collection), Max-a-Million (military-Design an inspired hoodie and rock tank for the Boogie) and big claws (clothing for the big dog, collar, accessories, etc ).SimplyShe products from San Francisco from 10 nails hanging on Wal-Mart --Wal-Mart stores 105 nails.Peevey knows that some pet-fashion consumers have pushed pet worship to the extreme, but not at her mass --market prices.A simple dog collar or dress for $6.97 compared to $19.99 or even $49.99 at high-end boutiques.Still, pervey says her business plan has always been to spread happiness and humor.If there's any indulgence, she says, that's it."People spent six dollars.97 on clothing items as this is an easy way to provide fun, clean fun in their lives.Because they get positive reinforcement, it makes them feel good.Of course I support that feeling."What I'm creating is of a good nature," Peevey said ."."Seeing their pets taken care of in this way can bring happiness to people, and if it can make people happy, then that's important.Life is hard.There are a lot of things you can do worse than dress your dog.Frances hard of Los Angeles said: "Fools" have really adapted to the empty nest phenomenon of the baby boomers. He runs a non-profit organization that provides business training for fashion designers."They know there's nothing better than going home from work to find someone who wants to love them."As for spending a lot of money on pets, I think it's all part of (pet Guardian) entertainment," she said .".Bob weitre, chairman of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association of the trade association of industries in Reno, said his group did not follow pet fashion or boutique sales alone due to a conflict of definitions.What is fashionable for a person?of-the-Grinding to the other, he said.However, he said the number of boutique suppliers at the pet industry trade show this year has doubled from last year."This area is growing exponentially," Vetere said ."From designer jewelry to clothing to matching umbrellas for humans and animals.Vetere said: "One person sells matching wigs for you and your dog, and the other person sells matching clothes for you and your pet on formal or less formal occasions."He says he has seen a range of gem collars for dogs that range from $300 to $350,000."Some people will buy these things," Vetere said ."."If people consume it, it brings them happiness and happiness, and makes them feel better by rewarding their pets, then everyone will win.Other people can buy artificial diamonds and look very close.You still feel like a dog.Vetere said: "Of course, the real growth will be in the mass market, where SimplyShe is a player."I think this is a hot idea," Phil Rist, vice president of strategy for Big research, a market research firm in Columbus, Ohio, said while browsing the company's website"For SimplyShe, it's a good bet to put its cards on pet fashion because there's less competition.The fashion of Fido is like a new market.She will be one of the thousands in the women's clothing industry.I know it works.We have two dogs and my wife always comes home with a new collar."Peevey has raised $3 over the past seven years.$5 million from friends, family and strategic partners, including $1.3 million from the ground-For office spacePublish the greeting card before finding the publisher and pay for the original clothing series.She started making profits in 2005.The company was born after Peevey broke up with a longtime boyfriend.A friend, Megan Weinerman, ad copy, send it offin-the-Dump Peevey happy, fun, original, uplifting cards every week."I think no one is going to say these words in a humorous way, and we're actually going through these up and down slides," Peevey said ."."I think, what better way to connect with people than through this voice?"In the early 2000 s, Peevey stubbornly pursued buyers in the high-end market --After finishing the boutique, the persistence was rewarded.Fred Siegel of Los Angeles and Henry Bendel of New York and other boutiques bought the cards.Earlier she had only the prototype of the card, but she knew she had sales at Fred Siegel, for example, when the female staff came together, considering Peevey's pitch, happily looking at the card on the buyer's shoulder.Someone wrote, "No, I don't have a high standard that's impossible.I'm just looking for someone I really like."I looked at him and told him he needed treatment.He asked me if I could recommend anyone."I said no, but I can tell him for free what's wrong with him," another reader said .".At its peak, 8,000 boutiques in 23 countries had simple cards.Along the way, the company sold goods on QVC and struck a book deal after Peevey met Susan Miller by chance, susan Miller introduced herself to the "Star-occupied bathroom at San Francisco International Airport.Supporters of mass astrology, as the owner of the popular astrology website, told Peevey that she would be "very successful and make a lot of money "."She gave Peevey the business card of the head of publisher Time Warner Books and said she would arrange a meeting.Peevey eventually signed up with Stewart Tabori & Chang to publish books, notes cards and journals.The brand has expanded through the clothing line SimplyWee designed for children, with more clothing, possibly designed for Wal-MartMatt on the drawing board"The same is true for green pet food and snacks," Peevey said .".Peevey's 6-year-The old dog Reh ("She" spelled backwards) is also a source of inspiration.But she's a golden retriever that thrives on the mud.She won't look at the character in simple dog attire.Born and raised in the Bay Area, Peevey now lives on the Russian Hill in San Francisco and used to work in marketing at an energy company."Because I am a little girl, I always want to have my own business," Peevey said ."."My favorite gift for Christmas is office supplies.I just want to buy those pink cushions when you go out.I'm a weird kid.
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