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bra strapless straps, a bra isn't a bra with out them. -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
Bra straps, can we keep them functional and our personal style?As you get older, it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain style and personal style.Personal style is very important because it shows who we are.One of the current changes is that social fashion is bra straps, the idea of simply letting women show when wearing off-shoulder designs.For those of us who, from an early age, believe that this is socially unacceptable, it is difficult to accept this liberating but problematic shift, which is considered decent.So the question is still many of us, is it OK to have the bra straps show?Has underwear become a new coat?I would be surprised to answer, "Yes, it's absolutely OK to have them show!"Now, please allow me to explain before I upset too many traditionalists.Ladies, the straps are a bit important to the whole concept of the bra!Didn't Newton say things would fall down?
No, really, it wasn't until the year 00 s that I began to wonder about the history of the bra, which is called the bra.Interestingly, its evolution is inseparable from the social history and status of women, and has a lot to do with the development of fashion and physical views.
Before the 16 th century, the breasts left by many ancient civilizations were exposed.It was during the Renaissance that the bodice received a great deal of welcome and lasted until the year 00 s.People began to emphasize unrealistic waist and plump breasts.Since breastfeeding is considered to be "putting pressure on women", upper-class women feed their children.
In the end, the first evolution of the bra is achieved when health professionals are increasingly concerned about the impact of the brutal constraints of the bodice.In addition, the feminist clothing reform movement has helped women to gain freedom, insisting that we need comfort and support when we are actively involved in social activities.
When I was talking about the idea, it really had something to do with the bra straps!Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra.Her description of the patent office is, "designed to support the chest and supported by the shoulder.The ads for the new "bra" highlight the advantages of the bra over the bodice, depicting the new dress with "shoulder support."I believe what we call bra straps today!
Clothing has always been popular.While the bra and its straps are popular, fashion is a favorite for the skin.The style has become more exposed, as has the shoulder-less bra.Trends showing shoulders include no shoulder straps, thin shoulder straps, off-shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder, tube top, vest, and the list continues.Both men and women agree on one thing and the lady's shoulder is sexy!So fashion will give us bra straps and take them away.
This is a problem.In fact, how many women have found a shoulder-less bra that can really lift their body and even keep them in shape?I think, in order to flirt with bare shoulders, women have to bear the influence of gravity and adjust themselves openly and repeatedly.Myself and most of the women I asked for bought a little bit of a shoulder-less bra.Personally, I bought 32 when I really wear 34.Although uncomfortable, I hope it stays in place.Doesn't this sound like a bodice? Are we moving backwards?In addition, according to the doctor, there is a correlation between bra wearing too tight and headacheKaren covalsk, chairman of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Dallas UT Southwest Medical Center.Shelf bra is an invention, but it provides very little lifting or shape, and sometimes it can be very uncomfortable or even painful for women with large breasts.Did you notice that they could barely find them around last year?They seem to have lost popularity at the time the straps start popping up everywhere, and I believe this is the second evolution of the bra.The first was when women were liberated from the cordon.Now, more than 100 years later, women are finally allowed to expose the basic features of the bra straps.
While the authorization to flash the shoulder and bra strap may ease, it raises another issue.Where can we find a bra with attractive straps?There's a place where you just need a convertible bra (or convert your existing one?Exposed Envy Bra Straps is an online store offering designer bras of over 100 styles.The idea is simple.Women need support while maintaining a sense of fashion.Olympia duckas said the best in Steele magnoria, "the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to match.
I wish I had done a little more comfortable in the great bra strap debate.My wish is to give my female companions the health solutions they need to keep up with fashion and the presentation they want to keep their dignity.The beauty and grade of the elegant bra strap is just another "benefit ".
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