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bra strapless dealing with pesky bra straps -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
As most of my clients will tell you, I get along easily.I am a person who believes in myself very much.Express in your wardrobe, I help women create this for themselves.For this I am always willing to explore how to make something unconventional work.That said, can we please, please do not see the trend of bra straps?I mean, do we really need to look at someone's underwear?Okay, I know sometimes bra straps have annoying habits of peeking here or there, it's not the end of the world, but the truth is, they really don't need it.I think it's more about women who don't know how to hide them properly than they really think they make fashion statements by exposing them (or think no one noticed!).Yes, I know teenagers always do that, but let's face it, teenagers are notorious for enjoying the shocking value of fashion statements (although at this point, I think they think it's fashionable!) And, hey, 16-year-olds can escape more than 35 or 58-year-olds.Besides who wants their bra straps to be the focus of attention!(Actually I did it last year at the wedding but I will explain it in a minute ).So for those of you who unconsciously slide the bra straps, here are some options: underwear straps-sometimes underwear straps are built into clothes, but if not, tailors can add them in a heartbeat.The underwear strap consists of a small rope that hooks under your bra strap and buckles it in place so that it can be fixed on your clothes without accidentThe correct bra Racerback or convertible bra pulls the bra straps closer to your neck so they don't slip off your shoulders (this is for those of us who lean on those shoulders)Just make sure you don't see the straps at the back of your neck (depending on the neckline of the top you're wearing ).I like Hua Geer.g).• With accessories-these handy devices instantly turn any bra into a racerback.It's more expensive than buying a new bra and it works.Choose the right one for you.Sparkling straps-one of my favorite options.Let your shoulder-less bras come with elegant shiny straps and let them show off!(I wore these at the wedding (as you can see in the photo (I'm singing with my partner-just in case you want to know) and every woman there is asking me these).The best source is www.showoffstraps.Susan's place with Swarovski crystalBecause you only need one or two (though you may want more when you see all the amazing options!) Get a beautiful, well, it's worth itmade set.• Shoulder-less bra-please completely cancel the strap when all other fails!There is now a shoulder-less bra that fits almost all bra sizes (well, there are a few women (you know who you are) who can't do it) and they stay where they are and are relatively comfortable.Avoid sleeveless tops-while this is certainly an option, it's a bit intense and not necessary, as you can see in all the other options above.So let teenagers do their things if they have.The rest of us will set the standard for eternal beauty and elegance.Why not focus on the features you want others to see instead of letting it happen at will (not always in your favor!).
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