blue zip up hoodie mens Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg Salute SFMOMA’S 75th

by: INGOR     2019-08-19
blue zip up hoodie mens Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg Salute SFMOMA’S 75th
All photos taken by Catherine bigelos Tanli GartiDesktop designed at SFMOMA's 75 th birthday celebration on May 14.Although the iconic work of SFMOMA, Mario Bota, is filled with raf children by famous works of artThe building designed on Friday looks like a clean canvas on which sparkling guests form a new fresh paint as they celebrate the 75 th anniversary of the museum.Charles Schwab, chairman of SFMOMA's board of directors, declared: "At the age of 75, I felt like a young man ." He is technically younger than a museum."We are just beginning and the new building is under construction and we are ready for our second act!The SFMOMA trustee and the chairman of the 75 th party, Nora Stone (left), and her husband, Norman Stone, and his daughter, Amy Stone, took part in the parade and shot the golden splendor of andwood in silver-The designed hat echoes the shape of the museum's unique striped turret.Charles Scwhab, chairman of the SFMOMA board of directors, and his wife Helen SchwabAfter all, birthday party invitations surprise us by directing guests to wear themed outfits!One witty person pointed out that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from the left) nora Stone, Mayor Gavin Newson, trustee of the board of directors of SFMOMA Doris Fisher and Mary "if Norman Stone comes in khaki cloth pants and a blue suit jacket."Ivor Braka (left), London art dealer, and gallerist John BerggruenFor those who know Norah's husband (art collector, psychologist, also the best and most available in the city)Men in clothes), this will not happen.Erin Michael (left), The SFMOMA trustee, and Elaine Macken, her mother, former SFMOMA chairman, and her sister Cathy tophan Norman stone in the floral patternMartin Margiela embroidered jacket, pink casual pants and metal pantsSaddle shoes Christian Louboutin.SFMOMA trustee Bob Fisher (left) and Joachim BechtleAnd costume surprise (pink wig, vintage dress, magenta feathers) at 600 firm SFMOMA customersEnjoy cocktails at the museum's rooftop sculpture garden.Read all the information from former Secretary of State George Schulz and his wife, protocol chief and SFMOMA board trustee Charlotte Schulz, former Secretary of State George Schulz and his wife, the concierge and the SFMOMA trustee, Charlotte Schultz, wore one-of-a-The laser copy of the San Francisco Chronicle's article about the establishment of SFMOMA and the 1995 relocation to the new building is covered with good robes.Matt Page (left) is with his fiancé Katie Schwab and Josh Haldeman from Christian, but Joachim beckertel wants to know why the SFMOMA trusteethe-nines in black-tie."It's my surprise," said Arthur jensler and his wife drew jensler with a smile ."."Because no one would expect me to wear a dress.Jeans, maybe.Susan Swig (left, wearing a pink wig), The SFMOMA trustee, is with Allison Speer, Randi Fisher (Vintage) and Victoire ReynalEven, although he doesn't wear his beloved Fisher for many reasons to smile on Friday.The Preston Butcher (left) and his wife, the SFMOMA trustee Caroline butcher and the SFMOMA trustee Richard covachevich may have 1,100 reasons ...... This is about the Don & Doris Museum rented by the Fisher family to SFMOMA. a new wing is being built.(The highlights of the series were first publicly displayed in SFMOMA on June 25."We're all happy," Fisher said excitedly."It will turn SFMOMA into a world --class museum.The carnival continues in an empty salon at the gallery on the 5 th floor, where guests have a meitaidan mccaur dinner washed with primo Medlock Ames Vino"Eating at the gallery is exciting because this is the first time this has happened in the museum," says Katie Schwab ."."Nora was an incredible leader and did a great job at the party.She made 99% calls and no one refused her to eat."Most of these tables are priced at $50 k and $25 k respectively, crafted (but simple) by crazy modernist Stanlee Gatti ).The canvas linen covers the tables and chairs, and each scene is decorated with Pantone square and matching linen napkins.Above each SFMOMA-A rose in the center of Daisy.A lonely harmonica player (Phil Berkowitz) strolled through the dinner in the room serenade.But since there are so many celebrities in a room, it's not easy to have guests sit down because people like Speaker Nancy Pelosi make faces --Time with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, wearing T-shirt and zip-up hoodie.Also in poobahs: Voice artist Bill Fontana;Director Neil benilla;Danielle and Brooks WalkerGeorge Roberts and his fiancé Lina ConradFormer SFMOMA Director Jack LaneKara Emil and Ritchie SilversteinPaul Pelosi;Marissa Mayer and Zach BorgArtist Thompson;Pat and Bill WilsonJenny and Sandy RobertsonArtist Robert Baker and his wife, art historian Whitney Chadwick, and New York gallery House Jeffrey Decker, recently appointed director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.Post-Dinner at the banquetDownstairs, more than 600 revelers arrived late at nightA night birthday celebration featuring the music of Brazilian girls;Boyce (.k.a.Cheyney Thompson) cooperation with Xeno and Oaklander and the ArtsBirthday cake made by local chef."It feels really good because in this wonderful museum we celebrate our past and look forward to our future," said Neil benilla ."."Anniversaries are usually seen in the back --view mirror.But tonight, we're looking at the windshield.Mayor Willie Brown and the trustee of Sonia morodezcaas Ma mi Haas (left) industrial designer Yves Bihar and gallerist Sabrina buellsfoma trustee Bradley James and Stanley gatepstone color decorated designer Stanley gatemma trustee Heather Wolf Wenger and Emily mirrongallist Martin clostfield Keirsten (left) with SFMOMA curator Gary Garrels and Jeff PoeSFMOMA trust miners and her husband, Robert Melle AndersonSako Fisher (left) along with Felice Mordo, Michael barkunen Jim and Penny Coulter Rachel menel (left)Lucas and Maggie herder Fontaine, Charles Johnson Maggie Rize and her fiancé Alex MelanArtist Tom Marioni, founder of Crown Point Press, Catan Brown, Diana fuller Montgomery, Anne Woodke Walker (left), Frank Caulfield, Suzy Jessica sibirat critic Jeff Kelly (left) with artist Hong Liu and Jeff Posey, 5 th floor gallery is patron DinnerAnn Ferrell Millham (left) with Brian Wilsey and Lea Stevens Rosen (left with John and Cynthia Gunn and Richard Green, vice chairman of the board of directors of SFMOMA, and his wife Lori greennadine Vail (left) patrick printica Bonnie (left), Abigail Torino, Douglas Dukin, Jonathan Gans interior designer, Barbara George Jennifer Ryser (left) jamie Kaban, the staff of Maria bashSFMOMA, took Jada Ogden and Philip gum to his campaign --of-a-
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