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blue and white hoodie touring america in a red, white, and blue body stocking

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
I sat in front of me with my feet standing upright.The pedaling board was easy, my seat was comfortable and in my upright position I could see everything around.When the drivers saw my red, white and blue tights, they always slowed down and looked at me with a dull look.
I waved and smiled.
If you have never traveled on a flat bike, you have never traveled in style.These are very strange looking.to-the-Ground devices you may have seen on the roads around your area.When you hear the word "body socks", my body socks are not exposed underwear that you would normally think.
My body socks are made up of two elastic fabrics, extending from my cowl (windshield) to the back of my reclining bike.It improved the aerodynamics of my bike and made amazing changes at the end of the 200 mile journey.I have a bright red, white and blue sock for better visibility.
Not only does it show the spirit of my country, it makes me feel safer when the car roared past at 60 miles an hour.I used to travel by traditional bike.They are a great way to see the country, but by the time I finish, I 've been torn apart.The little piece sitting in my seat, a few days after leaning against my handlebar, my wrist was injured, my back was injured, my leg was injured, and my ass was hit.
The reclining bike allows me to sit in a more natural position, in a seat designed for head upright comfort.I began to see the scenery I missed.Riding a crazy-The device that looks like there's a brightly colored sock also gives me a reason to talk to people I haven't had any ideas in the past.Now it is a new experience for me to visit the United States.
Seeing this beautiful country, meeting children from all walks of life, doing it under their own strength, there is no freedom.Talking to people who want to know my socks quickly became the highlight of my trip.Few other travelers were fascinated by my flat bike.
My red, white and blue socks are like flags waving at them.This gives me the opportunity to talk about my freedom on the road to openness and how bad our country as a nation needs us all to act together.There is no better political statement than cycling and patriotic socks.
I found that I could attract a group of people at the oldest gas station on the quietest highway in the United States.I like to hear stories from people I meet on the road.I like to retell in the next town.Every time I talk, I try to spread the feeling that we are all family.
With every conversation, my feelings are growing.Every place I stop, I will find someone in trouble.They are out of work, their marriage has failed, they haven't seen their son for months, and they are disappointed with the people that Washington should represent them.
Usually the story is the same, just a few small details have changed.I always end my visit with red, white and blue socks pointing to my flat bike.No matter who I talk to, the conversation almost always starts there.
Why is it a flat bike?What is the storage of the body?In the same case, everyone's behavior is the same.Fear is the same;Hope is the same.Priorities may pile up in different ways, but deep down, they always exist.The solution to this country's problems is not to defeat "other countries ".
It realized we were all together.
When we improve the lives of others in this country, we do the same for ourselves.This is often thought-provoking.Hopefully after that, they can better understand the people they once thought would stop them from getting what they wanted.Hopefully black and white, or Republican and Democratic ideas are a little less binding on them than they were before they saw my red, white and blue socks.
This is my hope, but no matter what happens to them, I will continue to be crazyMy Colorful socks are waving like flags and look like a flat bike.At least my trip changed me.About the Author: Mat Moniker is a writer for innuity and a brother to all.Keep the spark in your marriage with a different sock.
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