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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
In the Middle Ages, soldiers in the Middle Ages used armor and medieval shields to protect themselves from damage and attacks from their opponents.These shields are considered to be an important defense tool and are basically held in their hands to withstand the blows of their opponents.These shields have various shapes and sizes such as Yangtze River Delta, circle, rectangle, etc.
In the Middle Ages, potential materials such as wood, metal, leather were used for manufacturing.Over time, the use of medieval shieldshas experienced a paradigm shift.These shields are often used today as an attractive home decoration item.
The time has passed when people like to decorate their house with portraits and photos.Nowadays, in order to add a fresh and attractive look to their house, people prefer to add these shields to their house walls.• Kite Shields-Kite shield is the only medieval weapon used by soldiers in the early Middle Ages.
In general, it is rounded from the top and tapered from the bottom to provide a body covering.• Heater shield-This shield has a close connection with the soldiers on horseback.They are smaller in size compared to other Shields.
Buckler shield-This is a round metal shield that can be easily hung on the belt.This shield is specially used for hand-to-hand combat.• Passive or Wall guard-Archers use this medieval shield as their defense tool.
Target shield-Unlike other medieval shields mentioned above, it is a traditional round Scottish shield.On the shield of the middle ages, different kinds of decorative symbols were used, such as the design of the coat of arms, the coat of arms of the Knight, etc.To identify enemies from friends on the battlefield, these symbols are purposefully engraved on the shield.
Yellow, white, red, black, blue and green are some of the colors used by the medieval shield symbol.To learn about the exciting journey of medieval shields from weapons to decorative items, simply log in to the Internet.Through the Internet, you will see many websites offering various designer shields at the most competitive prices in the market.
So save your time and money by shopping online.TudorDressing.Com offers weapons for medieval knights, medieval costumes and medieval costumes.We also offer medieval stone walls of different colors and types to decorate the house.
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