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blue and grey hoodie Brisbane manhunt after two stabbed

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-06
Police are still hunting down an attacker.xa0Two men were stabbed in Logan's home.xa0Saturday night.Police saidxa0A 22-year-The old man had a dispute with the occupants of a casual stream and was expelled from the country.A 22-year-On Saturday night, an old man was on the run after being stabbed by two people in southern Brisbane.
Vision: Channel 7Soon after, the man returned home on Winani Street with a knife and rifle, two men aged 41 and 43xa0Receiving nonStab wounds in danger of lifeAt about nine o'clock P.M., the police were called to the scene.xa0A police spokesman said they found it.year-Old man with stab wounds on his shoulder and 41-year-Two stabbed old men around his neck.xa0On his side.It is understood that these people know each other.
Police spokesman said the 22 people are still being pursuedyear-Old, walking away from the scene.The man's appearance was described as Caucasian, about 170 cm tall and slim, wearing a blue hoodie for the last appearance.Police urged anyone with information to contact someone who stopped the crime.
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