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black yoga pants Detox Best Practices - Reawaken Your Inner Healer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
When you hear or read the word detox or detox, what image is this for you?If you're like most people who haven't tried detox yet, you might think of people in yoga pants, hungry, feeling like pretending, drinking juice and getting themselves sick?However, if you are no stranger to detox, then you will know that the detox process is usually completely different from what the mainstream media describes.In addition, detoxification means different things for everyone, and there are many ways to detoxify.From snacks and water to a more gentle detox where you can still eat and never feel hungry.No matter which detoxification method you use, the main purpose is the same;Guide your body (and mind) through the cleaning process.It may be a long and difficult process, or it may be a short and sweet process.It depends on you.I strongly recommend that you start slowly and work on a more comprehensive detox.If you are thinking about detox for the first time, I suggest you start with a brief and gentle detox including fresh fruit.Why detox?
The human body already has a very good cleaning system.From the liver to the kidneys, from the lymphatic system to the skin, the body knows what it is doing.Sometimes, however, it can be said that you may want to kick its internal organs and help those body systems do their work more effectively.Our bodies do accumulate a lot of toxins over time.The reason why the body can catch these is because it sometimes needs a little help to clear the poison.If you are not moving too much, then you will definitely produce toxins because the lymphatic system is not moving.This modern world is full of toxins, poison, car smoke, chemicals and genetically modified organisms.That\'s right;At some point we all need to learn how to detoxify.The only way you don't need to detox is if you live in remote areas (away from the city) and only eat fresh organic food and exercise yourself regularly, do not use any perfume, deodorant or non-organic cleaning products.You need to detoxify unless you live like this.
What is detox?
Detoxification refers to the purification of blood.The aim is to remove impurities from the blood, in the liver.Before removing toxins, this is where the toxins are treated.The body will eliminate toxins in many ways, such as through the kidneys (removing toxins from the body), the intestines (removing toxins from the body), the lungs (coughing toxins out), the pores of the skin (sweating) and lymph nodes.Detox programs can help with yeast overgrowth, food intolerance, skin problems, behavioral and/or neurological diseases, as well as diseases such as depression, ADHD, and many digestive system diseases.Also, when you do detox safely and correctly, it can help improve your sleep quality, relieve chronic pain, and help remove unwanted weight.
Your lymphatic system reaches almost every part of your body.We don't see the lymphatic system at work, but it is much more focused than it is currently receiving.This is one of the most important features of the human body in detoxification.Your blood has a pump in the form of a heart, but there is no lymphatic system.Rely on the relaxation and contraction of your body's muscles and joints to move these toxins inside and around the lymphatic system.Your lymphatic system is prone to stagnation, especially when you are not moving enough.The lymphatic system brings waste from our bodies into the blood.Lymph nodes are often overwhelmed as they are responsible for removing pathways from the outside (food, air, personal care products, water) the introduction of toxins from the body, as well as inside (damaged Protein and Cell/metabolic waste), makes it a critical detoxification pathway.Through the lymph nodes and lymph networks, your immune cells can spread around to prevent diseases and infections against pathogens such as mold, bacteria and other diseases.This is why keeping the lymphatic system working properly is directly related to the overall health of the body.The stronger your lymphatic system, the more resilient and reactive your immune system and defense response will be.It's great that it's easy to keep the lymphatic system active and do a good job of it.All you need is some simple daily exercise, clean water, clean food and occasional detox.
If you are wearing a bra and using deodorant, then you are particularly at risk of lymph node blockage.The toxins from these products are directly exposed to those abundant lymph node areas near your armpit and breast, right under the skin.If you are still using deodorant, then please go for organic deodorant today!

No, detoxification is not all weak and sick, pale people, with their heads on their heads, trying to stay awake when hungry!Haha, not at all.The first time I tried detox, it was me.I was stupid about this and didn't investigate as much as I should have done, and yes, it made me feel uncomfortable.Now I know better.Now I know, yes, detox can include diet, which is the best way to start detox ie, and a mild detox also includes food.-Ayurvedic detoxIt includes two aspects of Pancha's karma and relaxation.This is an ancient method that dates back to the Ayurvedic medical text (Ayu = Life and Vedic = knowledge) about 5000 ).This method is the oldest method known to human beings, and it is born with the idea that all causes of disease begin with toxins in the body.Elimination is therefore essential.-Juice fast -It is a fast method to provide a detox diet in the form of only eating fruit and vegetable juice, so as to obtain nutrition without eating.This can be done safely if only for a few days.If you want to continue with this detox program, please find yourself an observer/assistant to ensure your safety while doing so.I recommend this because you will be dizzy when fasting.-Dry brushing -Due to the strong detoxification ability of the skin, it is sometimes called the "third kidney ".A detoxifying method of drying and brushing teeth can enhance skin vitality, move the lymphatic system, increase circulation, improve digestion and kidney function, relieve stress, improve the appearance of fat masses, and have additional benefits for health.Because dry brushing wakes up the skin in a very uplifting way, it is easy to become addicted to this practice.Thank God it's a great addiction!-Colon cleaning-Yes, there will always be an enema talk in a detox article!Please bear with me, great!There are a lot of myths surrounding Colon cleaning/enema, they usually come from people who have not tried successfully.Enema is one of the best ways to kick the slow start colon.Like everything else, get to the level you want from a slow and small start.Yes, it's just the weirdest feeling when you do an enema for the first time, but it works really well, so it's worth doing it a few times to correct it because it feels weird.After a while, you can take it for a while and let the liquid do the proper work.There are other Colon cleaning methods that do not involve enema.For example, you can combine 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with half a lemon juice into 2 cups of distilled or purified water for quick Colon cleaning at night.-Candida detox -This detoxification can remove the Rosary in the body.By removing all foods containing yeast or fermented foods, this diet also needs to avoid all forms of sugar (including juice), all refined wheat and flour products, any products containing yeast, all natural sweeteners including honey and agave nectar.While cleaning alcoholic beverages with rosary beads, marinate vegetables, dried fruits, cheese, soy sauce and mushrooms should also be avoided.The protocol for organic oregano oil can also be very effective in fighting against fungi.-Exercise -Simple, simple, gentle, only a few minutes a day.Why don't you?Even if you do yoga only a few times a day, your lymphatic system will work happily.Not to mention, it will keep your body system in the shape of the top.Exercise is also a good way to detoxify.You can let your mind wander or not roam while exercising.If you are able to achieve a state of absence while exercising, then you are right.Exercise can also help you get into a state of meditation.-Meditation -It sounds like sitting still and doing nothing, right?This is not at all.Don't you think there's anything?This requires a little practice, but the benefits of meditation continue.Eventually, you can train yourself into a state of meditation at will.Meditation is one of the few ways to detoxify.Detoxification through meditation is very important because research has shown that meditation can improve your intelligence, relieve depression, and reduce stress and anxiety levels.-Sauna -Sweating toxins in the sauna can help remove substances such as sodium, lactic acid and uric acid that are constantly accumulating in the body.Toxins stored in fatty deposits are released through intense sweating that occurs in the sauna.-Detox diet -In this detoxification process, it is usually followed by a strict diet after a period of fasting, only drinking water, raw fruits and vegetables, and sometimes eating juice.There are many different types of detox diet including Lemon Detox Diet, liver cleaning and Colon cleaning.-Detox hot waterFor 7-Drink a cup of warm water (excluding lemons or spices) for about 14 days per hour ).Hot water will open the drainage system of your intestines and let the toxins flow out.This is a much tougher way to detoxify, and will only be used if you know what you're doing, have already detoxified before, and have someone who supports you together.-Detoxification of heavy metalsIf you have those old dental alloy fillings (a mixture of tin, silver and copper, and the same amount of mercury) then you need to have the whole dentist remove these things and then do heavy metal detoxification.These old silver fillings are about 50% mercury!If you do not remove them, you will continue to be poisoned by them slowly.If you don't remove them correctly, they poison your whole body on the way out."Contrary to previous beliefs, many scientific studies have shown that an amount of mercury can be released by an alloy filling during the service life of the filling.At present, the wider community, in particular the World Health Organization, is concerned about the level of safety, if any, of mercury exposure.In recent years, several European countries, including Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, have stopped using mercury alloys as filling materials "(REF1: Opt for detox?
There are many ways to detoxify, at any given time, which way you choose will depend on what you want to detoxify, how many toxins you have accumulated, and how long it has been since your last detox.I like to alternate between mild detox and fasting detox.Read extensively no matter which idea you like, get what you need, grab your supporters (if fast) and leave!
How to detoxify safely?
First of all, you need to make sure you digest well.It is because of indigestion that it is almost impossible to remove these toxins.Start with eating organic coconut oil and help the digestive tract work as it should.Organic coconut oil will help the body burn fat naturally and promote a strong immune system and a healthier digestive tract.KNOW your body."Listen" to your body, especially when detoxifying.If you have never taken a drug before, choose a gentle detox method first.If you like it and want to increase the scale of the detox method, please do it slowly.I suggest that you have a supporter at any time if you are fasting.Your supporters should be a close friend or family member and you don't mind sharing some bloody body items with them.I mean, a person who not only has a strong stomach, but also is reliable and trustworthy and will accompany you all the way.If you do end up feeling dizzy, I suggest you stop what you're doing, or at least lie down and see how you feel in a few minutes.Yes, you may feel a little uncomfortable during detox.After all, you are removing the toxins that your body has always left, and it may be a little disgusting after elimination.The good news is that once you detoxify, you will get more energy, less fat, and clean up all the garbage accumulated in your body.Enjoy!
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