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black women's shorts how to make a referee costume | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
How to Make referee costume.In almost all professional sports, the referee is an authority.In 1891, the first official referees were used in football matches.The referee is used to control the game.Referee costume is one of the easiest outfits anyone can make.
Pick the type of referee the costume will represent.Referees wear different costumes according to different sports and regions.An American football referee is wearing a black and white striped shirt and white trousers under his knee.Football referees wear solid shirts or jackets and black shorts.Take a look at the pictures of the different types of referees and find out what kind of referees you want to copy.
Pick the right shirt for your referee type.The most common referee jersey is black.and-White vertical striped shirt.Sporting goods stores such as college sports and outdoor sports have a variety of referee shirts.Football referee shirt, strongThe color polo shirt works well.
Get your pants.Work for most referee outfits, black casual pants or shorts.American football referees wear white paint with black belts.
Collect your accessories.Every referee needs his whistle.The referee also needs a card or flag.Most sports use yellow flags or color cards for penalties.Color index cards work for cards.Yellow scarf or yellow fabric for banner.
Find a pair of black sneakers.Regardless of the game, all referees will wear these black shoes.
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