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black hoodie VIDEO: Angry shop owner chases knife-wielding bandits with big stick

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
The owner of Ballarat East milk bar with a stick drove away two men who tried to rob her with a knife.Both men, both in their teens or early 20 s, entered the milk bar around eight o'clock A.M. on Friday at the corner of Joseph and Clayton Street.
Troy Wickham, a senior police officer at Ballarat's criminal investigation department, said that a man in a black hoodie, before another man in ballalava entered the store waving a knife and asking for cash, she talked to the owner for about 40 seconds.He said the woman went to the back of the store and called her dad-in-The law, before the master drove them away with a big stick, he yelled at the couple.Neighbor Peter Chapman said the new boss took over the company about eight months ago.
"She was so hard-"Good job, Madam," said Mr Chapman."She is very popular in the community and she always smiles.Mr Chapman says the owners are trying to get their 15-year-Old son through private school.
"The former owners were robbed three times and they only stayed here for seven to eight months.It will be hard for her.Police shut down milk while handling evidence including CCTV footage.When the police knock on the door and look for any indication of the knife in the nearby garden, criminal tape is also placed around the shop.
There were four police cars on site, and customers close to the store told the store to close due to the "event.A caring driver passing by also shouted, "Are they okay?" before promising the owner that there was no injury ".A Mandarin translator was invited to help the owner of limited English to make a police statement.
"Obviously someone knows who they are," said Officer Wickham.\ "I call on any witnesses to come forward, especially a couple who have been to the store a while ago and may have seen them outside or near the store.Anyone who knows about the incident was asked to contact Detective Senior Constable Wickham 300 in Crimestoppers on 1800.
Henderson @ fairfaxmedia.
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