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black hoodie Two Launceston shops held up

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
In half an hour last night, two Launceston outlets were targeted for the robbery.A man attempted robbery with a gun.At the news agency and take-out center on Thistle Street in South Launceston, about 6: 00.30pm.He walked into the store with a knife and asked for money.
Just half an hour later, the Alanvale store in Tompsons Lane, Newham, was also on hold.Last night's attempted robbery took place less than a week after the Hungry Jack South Launceston branch was caught by a man wielding a gun.Although yesterday's attempted robbery took place within half an hour, the police did not think they were connected.
Ryan Cooke, an employee at the store on Thistle Street, said he knew there would be trouble as soon as he saw the robbers.Mr. Cook said it was busy Saturday night until the robbery was attempted.The 27-year-When he heard a man shouting, "it's a hindrance --up\'\'.
Cook said he saw a man at the counter wearing a black hoodieShirt on his faceHe said the criminal had a knife in his hand."He came in and stood there and just knocked out the knife," Mr. Cook said .".Mr. Cook said he was scared, but not afraid, and he made a bat out of bed after reaching out to the door --Protect your legs.
Mr Cook told reporters in no uncertain terms,It is a thief to leave the store."I just walked out and picked up my bat and told him--"I'm gone," Mr. Cook said .""He just stood there for a little while and then poked away.
"But he grabbed a few picnics on his way out.Mr. Cook said the incident last night was the third time in two years he worked in the store to be blocked."But it's definitely the most interesting," he said.
This guy doesn't look confident.
The store was the victim of three armed robberies in March 31 last year, June 8 and July 4.It was also robbed in January 2009.After talking to the police, Mr. Cook said he went to work as usual to serve paid customers."It was actually a very busy night," he said .
``We were flat-Talked about the guy coming in
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