black hoodie mens Fashion 2.0 for techies

by: INGOR     2019-08-21
black hoodie mens Fashion 2.0 for techies
Dylan Taylor, left, and Mara Meninger work on their laptop at Cafe Jane on Friday, October.2012 in San Francisco, California.Dylan Taylor, left, and Mara Meninger work on their laptop at Cafe Jane on Friday, October.2012 in San Francisco, California.Seven years ago, 16-year-Old Samy Kamkar, wearing an oversized black hoodie, loose sweat and mismatched socks, took advantage of Myspace's weaknesses in the basement of Los Angeles and accumulated 1 million Myspace in 24 hoursHis dress is typical of his computer.Focus on peers in coding and technology, not their wardrobes.Today, Kamkar is a professional computer hacker and a highly sought after hacker.After the security advisor, he found major flaws in software from Apple, Google to Microsoft.He also addressed the wardrobe's flaws and now he prefers to design denim and custom shirts instead of a shapeless mix of sweat and unlucky patterns.He also upgraded to a nice car and went to the barber every four weeks."We (technicians) are used to being limited to our little caves because we are all online and we are all programming."But now the internet is easier to access and it's easy to pick up your laptop and go to the cafe, which makes people want to put on some pretty clothes," he said ."."You don't necessarily want to dress like a geek or a lazy guy in public."The cafe owner said they noticed the recent upgrade of the wardrobe 2.0.In trendy cafes, young people work on laptops and iPads and dress up as if they were in a grocery store."The people who come here are very young and attractive....It seems to be a very heavy technology."For the most part of the day, people are working here on web development and computers," said Amanda Michael, Jane's boss, a stylish cafe on Fillmore Street."They all look very sharp."Just like the 780 cafes on mission and the work clubs on the market, they are set to be part of the workspace, part of the cafe --or "coffices.Adelle McElveen, fashion blogger at SFFashion Tech, said she noticed that there are two types of technicians in the coffee shop: "People either have meetings, work, or blogI would wear better if I went to the cafe for a meeting.If I'm just sitting there and blogging, then I'm definitely not going to look messy."Many theories abound about what lies behind better clues.Some say that as tech offices become more fashionable, architectural styles are becoming more unique and uncomfortable to dress.Others said that the increase in the number of women joining this line helped to raise the standard of clothing.People pay more and more attention to complex Web design.A senior employee said: "The software people wrote in the past does not have too many display components. even if it does, it feels secondary ."The tech company, because he signed a contract to ban him from talking to the media, will not reveal his name."People are writing web pages now...Like magazines, design is very important in magazines, and the influx of design has changed the greater cultural aesthetic.Ashley Vance, author of Geek Silicon Valley (Morris Book Publishing House;$15.Page 264), see the trend of history."If you go back to the beginning of 1900, you will find people who are trying Radio and Electronics, a group of amateurs and people who are not part of established companies on the East Coast, so they do things in the workshop and in the garage and don't need to dress up.Vance pointed out that HewlettPackard is one of the garages in Palo Altobred companies.Even in their 90 sCom boom, it's still "not how you look, it's what you do."Now, as the tech industry matures, Vance claims that product design and overall aesthetics play a more important role in small start-ups and big companies."Now, young children have got these already very good tools from the past generation, and this is about how to manipulate them and how to polish them."Also, these onceInvisible innovators are now meeting with customers and pitching ideas to investors.They must be more aware of the ability to make a good impression in person and in pixels.Jameson deweiler, an entrepreneur and fashion technology expert at brand and marketing startup launchck, explains that part of the reason for having a successful tech company is good design."When people are part of a powerful technology company with a strong brand, the brand ultimately reflects who they are.Detwiler says their dress code is part of the brand and the company needs "more style and beauty for people "."Another well-Well known computer hackers, who are reluctant to be named for legal reasons, are still moving his pirates --Like a pigtail, but no longer wore a sheath knife on his belt.He took his polyester.Shorts and synthetic T-shirtsNice jeans shirt with crisp buttons-Down or dark T-Shirt without logo.He explained that in computer fashionThe hacker world used to be anonymous."Jeans and a normal black T-"He said."If you sell T-DefCon's shirt (one of the biggest hacking conventions in the country), you won't be in T-Not a black shirt."This no-The appearance of the logo is still prevalent, perhaps because of the lasting influence of the late Steve Jobs, who rarely deviates from his black sundressCroix high collar shirt and 501 Levi's jeans.He was inspired by Sony's staff uniform to implement a uniform dress code at Apple, but the staff flatly rejected the idea.Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's newly appointed president, is often considered the best --Dressed in Silicon Valley costumes, you love designers like Oscar de la lunta and Carolina Herrera.However, flashy labels, like logos, are often offensive.This stylish jeans can cost hundreds of dollars, but there will be no embroidery pattern or signature label in the pocket.That plain-Gray hoodie?It can be lined with silk or cashmere or both.Hermes specializes in low-key but tailor-made men's clothing, and the growth of young male customers has turned the entire San Francisco store into a "male world" that lasts until Wednesday, with the aim of attracting evolving technicians.An employee of a Fortune 500 company said: "If you dress too exaggerated, people who talk to me will feel uncomfortable."They wouldn't take me seriously if I was wearing underwear.Therefore, I have made a lot of efforts in the image of the company, and I will talk to it."At the end of the day, the people who work in technology are ultimately the people who solve the problem, and Samy Kamkar believes that at some point in life they will find fashion important, the clothes you wear actually help with business meetings or social gatherings.Now that they have moved from their parents' basement to a cafe in San Francisco, technicians may eventually decide on the fashion trends of the day.To watch a video about the story, visit vimeo.Com/51715054 Allison Gay is a freelance writer in San Francisco.E-Postage: style @ sfchronicle.
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