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black hoodie Jail time for peeping burglar

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
Daniel William George Pontin of Newham, 30, admitted to breaking into two houses last year.Two victims reportedly woke up early in the morning and found Ponting looking at them.A woman was lying in bed with her child in Mowbray when she felt someone was watching her.
She left when she got up.
Police prosecutor Kerryn Barwick said another woman woke up at inverme's home and screamed when she saw Ponting staring at her.He was wearing a black hoodie on his head.MS Barwick said the woman continued to suffer from severe anxiety.
Ponting stole items including rings, iPhones and watches from both homes.In court, he pawned a $200 ring for $20.Ponting was suspended for the crime.Lawyer Evan Hughes says marijuana addiction has contributed to Pang Ting's crime.His client was seriously attacked at his job in 2012 and was very concerned about it.
According to Hughes, Pang Ting was also attacked during his detention, fearing being put into prison.He said that if his client did not plead guilty on his own initiative, the police would not be able to accuse him of serious burglary.District Judge Reg Marron said that for women who should be away from people like him, Ponting's behavior must be terrible.
Pontin interrupted him and said that was why he turned himself in.'I realized it was wrong,' Mr. Pang said.The court heard that Pang Ting's criminal history was bad and there was a serious burglary.Mr. Marron said he would send Ponting to prison for nine months, if not for his early plea and frank admission.
Most of the stolen items have been recovered.Pontin was sentenced to five months in prison as early as November
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