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black hoodie Home invasion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
Patients with chronic diseases 43-year-At about ten o'clock A.M., the old man was knocked down by him after he confronted him at home.When the man walked into her house and tried to steal her bag, she was at home alone.
The woman managed to ask for help after being hit and was found unconscious on the tile floor by the paramedics.She was not tortured by life.But her husband says she has pain in her spine and back.He said his wife was shaken after the incident.
"These criminals are not aware of the impact of what they are doing," he said ."."They have to deal with physical things, but this is the mental trauma that they will put our family and neighbors through."That person, when they decide to grow up and decide to get married and have children, they hate that this happens to their partner.
Detective John King of Launceston CIB said the intruder was describedxa018xa0Or 19 years old.xa0Thin to medium skin tone.He said the man was between 170 and 180 tall in a black hoodie,xa0Trousers and baseball caps for white shoes.The man is described as being shaved.The victim's husband said his wife had previously noticed the man in the areaxa0I believe there are two peoplexa0Already involved.
Detective Kim said the police knocked on the door on the outskirts Friday and would take the crime "very seriously."There has been an increase in burglary in the Launceston area, but the violence associated with burglary is unusual," he said .".On Friday, anyone who finds any suspicious condition in the sammerhill or West Launceston area was asked to call 1800333000 or 67773945.
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