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black hoodie Campbell Town man in custody over ANZ bank robbery at Mowbray

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
A 29-year-An old man in Campbell Town was detained after an armed robbery at the Mowbray bank.Police charged a man with enteringxa0On Friday at the ANZ branch on inverme Road.He allegedly asked the staff for cash and held a knife to her stomach before taking money from the customer.
The bank staff sounded the alarm and the man fled on foot.Police say 29-year-The old man is assisting them in their investigation.Any incident in question, which contacted the Tasmanian police No.
131 444 or stopped the offender at 333 000 in 1800, may be anonymous.Information can also be reported to people who prevent crimexa0Crimestopperstas online.com.au.A knife-The knife-wielding man was accused of hijacking a customer at ANZ Bank in Mowbray and told the staff that "this is an obstacle ".
The offender allegedly entered the bank of inverme Road before two o'clock P.M. on Friday.The man allegedly stood behind a female customer and pointed her stomach with a knife and asked the staff to provide cash.Detective Officer John Parker said the man had taken money from the female customer after threatening her with a knife.
The man then fled on foot and was seen running into the Mowbray market for the last time.Police Officer Parker said the stolen cash was "not much" but "not much ".The bank staff sounded the alarm and the police arrived at the scene but did not find the man.
Police searched the areas of Mowbray, inverme and Mayfield on Friday afternoon.No one was hurt in the bank,xa0Customers and Employeesxa0The incident was "shaken."It is clear that any armed obstruction is a painful test for the people involved," said Detective Senior Officer Parker.
"It's something that desperate people do and as a community we don't want to support it.The bank was closed for one day as police continued their investigation at the scene.The knife from the allegedly robbed center was not found on Friday afternoon but was described as about 1 feet long.
The alleged offender was confirmed on CCTV video and described as approximately 182xa0Tall and thin, wearing a black hoodie and a black top."We havexa0We are following a specific survey route and we are seeking any helpxa0Public orxa0Anyone who may have seen a suspect in Mowbray, "said Detective Officer Parker
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