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black hoodie Armed robbery at Hobart's Discount Pharmacy on Davey Street

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
On Saturday afternoon, a man used a syringe as a weapon to ask for medication from a pharmacy in Hobart.Tasmania state police say the man, who is still on the run, has left a "quantity" of prescription drugs.The incident occurred at the discount store on David Street at about five o'clock P.
Police say the man was seen driving west on David Street for the last time.The man is about 180 tall, in his 30 s, medium in size and has a blond beard.A beard may be a beard.He was wearing a black hoodie, black gloves and sunglasses.
No one was injured in the incident.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the Hobart Criminal Investigation Department.The information can also be provided by calling 333 criminal stoppers on 1800 or anonymously on the website of the criminal stoppers.com.au
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