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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-06
Five key policies are required to properly embroider corporate clothing: the use of trained embroidery personnel.Keep fine tuning of precision equipment...Five key policies are required to properly embroider corporate clothing: the use of trained embroidery personnel.Fine tune the precision equipment.Use digitization created specifically for the type of clothing to be embroidered.Cooperate with experienced digitizer who understands the ability of embroidery equipment.Customers are always advised to choose high quality products.Embroidery stitch count estimates general stitch count estimates can provide you with the necessary information to choose between multiple logo options.The basic rule of thumb is that it is estimated that 1,500 to 2,000 stitches will be sewn per square inch.This rule applies only to one layer of stitching because additional stitching is required for multiple layers.It's a bit complicated to estimate the stitch count of the text.Depending on the font style and letter size, the number of font stitching will vary.Here are a few examples: the text "abc structure" of 1/2 height (width is determined by height and font) will be between 3,000 and 4,000 needles, the 2 inch tall brown bear logo with characters such as "bear outdoor products" ranges from 11,000 to 12,000 needles.If your logo is coming back for a full jacket, your stitch estimate range will increase.You can calculate that the ten letters of 3 inch high text range from 20,000 to 30,000.If your logo image is comparable to a very detailed semi-truck, it may take between 100,000 and 150,000 stitches.The most common embroidery position is in the left chest, and the right chest can be personalized.Another option commonly used with polo shirts is to embroider the left sleeve 1 inch above the cuffs.This option gives extra classroom enthusiasm for clothing.If you want to create a product with an upcoming Flash, put your logo on the back of the dress, right under the collar, which will attract more attention.Many sports-related businesses have found this to be a compelling place.The jacket is an attractive promotional item with a lot of embroidery at the back.Of course, the left chest is also used to promote the project in two directions.If you 've been to the rodeo, you'll see professional riders wearing long-sleeved shirts with a full range of promotional decorations.From the south of Georgia to the northwest, this rustic style is very popular.If you want a very elegant piece, try a small and delicate logo.This logo style is the most watched on the cuffs of the long-sleeved shirt or on the collar of the dress shirt.Another place to use from time to time is the bottom, front and tail of the shirt.This placement applies only to clothing intended to be worn outside the pants.The position of the hat embroidery has always been the front and center, but the times have begun to change.If your design is sewn below 3,000 stitches, it can be placed on the side of the hat.This is a new popular location.Another application that is becoming more and more widespread is the hat closing band, but only a few embroidery companies have this ability to place.All of these decorative areas work well for finished hats.However, if you order hats made in the US, your options will be greatly increased.Since most American-made hats are made to order, they can be embroidered almost anywhere.The Hat Factory will embroider these panels before assembly, allowing you to embroider anywhere on the bill.You can also embroider your logo anywhere on the front panel, which is not an option for a finished hat.You can even embroider the top panel if you want!Further, create an image that covers the entire hat, a spectacular embroidered hat.There are four main points to consider when determining the design size: the location of the design.The type of product you are embroidery.The impression you want to giveThe cost determined by the stitch count.Start with what is most important to you.If you like a very large logo, your location will become more limited.If you like a variety of locations, you'll want to limit yourself to a smaller logo.When it comes to being a key factor, a small sign is economic and elegant.Clothing Quality your image is at stake whenever you buy company clothing.It starts with the quality of the clothing you choose.If you put a low-end polo shirt next to the high-end polo shirt, you will see subtle differences.The high-end shirt will have neat seams, double stitching, premium cuffs and collar, and above all, the material will be more durable and stylish.As long as the price rises 10% to 20%, you can greatly improve the products that represent your company.Not only will your customers or employees prefer the dress, but they will wear it more often to promote your company more often.If the garment is made of poor quality material, then the line density will not be able to withstand thousands of needles in a small range and will fall off at some point.Poor material is also notorious as it bends around the ornament after cleaning.Mediocre embroidery procedures can also lead to bending.If your corporate image is critical to you, then consult a professional who knows all the elements of your corporate clothing and has a broad understanding of embroidery.It's fun to decide the color here!If your company has not yet chosen a logo for a major promotion, don't let the color selection be beyond doubt.Choose a contrasting color to highlight your product, or a color that creates a subconscious interest in your product.Research shows that bright primary colors can make customers feel more excited, energetic and even hungry.Pastel shades of blue or tan make people feel more relaxed and comfortable.In any case, using these proven tips can get your product noticed before others.When the company color is selected, it supports sticking to the company image.At this point, the color of your product becomes crucial.Some of the same color rules apply.If you choose a contrasting color (black and white, red and green), your logo will be more prominent, but it's not always a positive thing to just highlight.If you want to keep your product attractive, it would be helpful to choose colors that complement each other like dark blue and medium blue in the same tone.There are some color combinations for both work.Black and White is one of them, but this combination has been used to arouse the customer's indifference unless it has a new flash around your font, such as a silver trim.However, in all cases, if you have a strong corporate image based on your logo and color, it is most important to maintain this image in every promotional product and corporate clothing purchaseThe human factor of the embroidery you designed can only be as good as the embroidery operator running the machine.Even in our high-tech world, there are some artificially controlled embroidery elements.All the clothes are caught in some way and placed on the machine to be embroidered.This hooping process determines the exact location of your logo and is completely manual, so your logo position will be slightly different.Part of the reason for this imperfection is clothing.Each dress comes from the factory and is different from the last one.The position of the pocket can be different in any direction.Even in the same manufacturer, same shirt design, and shirt of the same size, this issue is constantly occurring.However, this is a slight change, which is usually not obvious.Almost every hat worn today is professionally embroidered.Always choose a premium hat with the proper structure for your logo.Hire a professional to lay out your design and carefully select the location to receive the company's identity.When you finish the hat embroidery, they will embroider your image on the dome surface.Embroidery working with finished hats can be very challenging.In fact, there is a embroidery factory outsourcing hat embroidery because it is too difficult and frustrating.Some designs are suitable for troublesome embroidery, and the most common problem is the novel that tries to put a small font on the hat.This brings technical problems to machines and operators.In general, the font under 5/16 \ "is not decent on any clothing, especially the finished hat.When you create a logo for a hat, try not to plug in a bunch of tiny text.My experience is that very few people actually read tiny texts, which only worsen the overall look of your product.Your image is everything!Take the process of ordering the company's clothing seriously and work with people you think take the order seriously.I always suggest five essential elements of embroidery: Make your design simple.Use quality clothing.Choose the color that suits you.Use a knowledgeable embroidery company.Hire a Digitizer that understands your wishes and will show you your new design before you allow them to embroider your item and if is does not meet your expectations he will--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Author: Rick Sheldon has 18 years of experience in the promotion product industry and is currently CEO of Save on promotion productsA company that sells products on the Internet.
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