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black and white running leggings taking your business brand to the next level -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-24
I believe you have heard of the need to create a brand or a special image for your business.Your brand is the image that your customers think of when they think of your product.Do you study the brands of big companies?When you take a closer look at what big companies are doing with their brands, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to present your image in front of your prospects.
I have been a small business owner since 1995 and I have learned a lot about creating a brand for my business.I know your logo, your image, your colors are all part of your brand.I also learned that I should put my brand on all my marketing materials.
However, I don't think I really fully understand the extent of the brand until a few years ago.I worked with a team of developers and designers to create a brand new web app for Adidas.Many people know that the Adidas brand is black and white, with three oblique stripes.
Everything about Adidas my son owns is black and white stripes are somewhere in the merchandise.For example, he has black warmthThere are 3 stripes on the side of the pants.His football cleats are black and have 3 diagonal lines on the outside of the cleats.
But when the design team for this web app combined black, gray and white designs for their new app, Adidas made a sound.Obviously, this is not what they want.Come and see, Adidas also has a color item in their brand.It is actually brilliant.The design Adidas finally agreed to include a certain shade of blue, with bubbles everywhere.
These bubbles or circles are the shapes used for buttons, link spacers, site effects, and image background frames.I'm curious about these bubbles.One day I was shopping for my daughter and found a connection.She picked out a pack of socks she wanted.
It's full of pastel colors of dots or bubbles.One of them is light blue, which is the exact blue we use in our web app.I noticed on the packaging that they are Adidas.
It hit me just then.
When Adidas uses colors other than black and white, they use these bubbles instead of stripes.After all, sometimes black and white doesn't work, especially when you're a girl.I walked around the store and sure enough everything Adidas produced in the girls area was pastel colored with bubbles on it.
This is a clever brand in action.
I walked to the boy area.
Everything Adidas does over there is black and white stripes.When we launched the new web app and made it public to the world, I noticed that Adidas also modified their main website.They added many of the same looks to their websiteand-Feel the features in the web app.
This helps simplify the brand in action and helps their customers connect between Adidas and the new web app.Other features of Adidas even have signature fonts that they only use.They use this font everywhere.The exact blue that people see on an app has been taken to every web page they have.
Buttons made with bubbles are also taken to all web pages.But I'm still curious about the bubbles.What happened to the stripes?Stripes still exist, but they also incorporate bubbles into their brand.By studying their website, I realized that bubbles are the real manifestation of the ball.
In many cases, they jump along an image or page.Stripes appear to represent performance or speed, while bubbles represent the balls used by customers to enjoy sports in Adidas clothing.Look at the Adidas website.Please note that everything they sell has its own brand.
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